Alive and Well!!

So surgery went well , as far as I can tell.   Other than being really tired yesterday, I haven't been in a ton of pain and have only had to take 2 - 600mg Ibuprofin.

My hubby said that they did have to do a bit of clean up to the chondral area arthroscopically but they also did an IT Band release. This involved an incision, as it can't be done with the scope. I can't see my knee yet, as I have to keep all dressings and the ACE bandage on until Monday.......with post op visit probably Wednesday.

I have done some reading on the IT Band Release surgery and there are mixed reviews, almost everyone says it should be a last resort. I guess for me, with 7 months of no running and no response to PT, this was a last resort. I sooooooo hope that once I get through rehab, this will be the fix for me........

Has anyone out there had IT Band Release Surgery.....any success stories????

Here are some pics of my knee before surgery ( looks like a plain old knee, with some fat pads from all the non working out I've been doing!!)

And this is lovely me after surgery, looking very tired ( excuse the no make-up)....

And the big ol knee..........................................

Do you like the socks?? They are the grippy socks they gave me at the surgery center!! I've been told I can't shower for 5 whole days - yeah right....I'm about to work on a contraption to cover this knee and get into the shower right now!!!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I'll be unwrapping the knee on Monday, so I'll update then!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Glad to hear that it went well. Hope you have a quick recovery and can figure out how to get a shower in the next 5 days!

  2. OUCH!!! I had 2 knee surgeries for torn ACL and meniscus so I FEEL your pain. Hang in there

  3. Yuck, not showering for five days sounds awful. Maybe you can use this time to invent said contraption, and then become a millionaire selling it!


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