It's just soooooo Wrong!!!

Okay, so I have a few things to share, and no,  I'm not proud....just sayin!!

I came home from work yesterday and my knee was a bit swollen and needed to be put up with some ice on it as soon as possible.

I also knew that hubby wanted to start his P90X yesterday so I made an effort to get dinner made before he and Thing One and Thing Two came bustin through the door ( Thing 2 is always starving the minute he walks in).....timing was perfect. I thought he could eat a bit, do the workout and then finish dinner, all with time to still play with the kids, etc, etc..... His thinking was that he would only eat a little bit, hang out with the family and then do the workout around 9:00PM after the kids are in bed......okay.....( are we ever on the same page as our hubbys????)

So, all goes as planned ( his plan),  and I assume the position on the bed - leg raised with two pillows, Ice on knee, and my pink snuggie wrapped over me ( don't hate) and I lay there....forever....... He decides to take the dogs on a walk, play games with the kids ( I played charades from the bed) and then at 9:00PM starts P90X which he did not finish until 10:45PM . I guess alone time with hubby will be minimal for the next 90 days......lovely..... but I am proud of him so I will say nothing, and I will suck it up!!!

A little background, When I was training for my first 1/2 marathon ( which I never got to run), I couldn't get my hubby to do anything with me. He is a very tall, slender man with medium build and can eat and drink whatever he wants and NEVER gains weight!!! Ugggghhhh.....So, now that I am laid up in bed, butt getting wider than the house, and have not exercised for 7 months, he has decided it's time to get in shape....oh course, why not?? As if  my "big ol butt" ( yes, my 7 year old told me I had one the other day, and kids don't lie) did not make me feel bad enough, my hubby is exercising like crazy, getting in great shape, starting to look very buff!!! ( I even asked if he was going to trade me in for a new model.....of course he said no......hmmmmmmm, very suspicious all this working!!)

So, as I heard him breathing heavy and saw him sweating and about to pass out, do you know what I did?????? Got up, and made myself a banana split! Yep, full blown...... with strawberry ice cream, bananas, chocolate syrup, and whip cream......and I got back in bed and ate it..............while he finished P90X..
That IS SOOOOO WRONG!!!! on sooooo many levels!!

And know what else???? I couldn't fit in my capri's this morning.....nope....butt is way too big!! Although I've only gained 4-5 pounds during my 7 month leave of absence from exercising ( which included shoulder and knee surgery) , The 4-5 pounds must be totally in my butt, go figure...I mean couldn't I have fuller cheeks or lips or boobs or something, but not the butt!!!!!!!

So, I found out that I will start PT next week and will finally (hopefully ) be back on the road to recovery. Shoulder is well enough now that I should be able to swim as soon as they allow it with the knee. Don't have a pool, but 2 neighbors do.....any suggestions for good exercises in the pool for both knee and shoulder rehab.......yes, I know I'm a mess, but what can I say!!

Happy Running,


  1. I probably would have made myself a sundae too! And yes, P90X is super time consuming. Quality time will be limited!

    Good luck with your PT!

  2. I need to check out this P90x stuff.

    Glad to hear surgery went ok & that the pain has been minimal. I can't imagine being laid up for months. That said, don't worry about the lbs. You need to recover and then hit it as hard as your body will allow. Whatever you do, don't rush yourself - keep it healthy!

  3. A post we can all relate to! I can remember my husband, who rarely runs, doing a 5k when I was injured--how dare he! ; )

    Sorry you are in the place you are. Once you can start rehab, though, you'll have something to work towards and that will help the mental game. Good luck!

  4. OMG we are married to the same man, seriously I'm ready for bed and he's finally decided to workout. The only time he seems to run is when I can't!


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