Surgery day!!

Headed into knee surgery this morning, so short and sweet for now. Long talk with hubby last night about my fears, concerns, hopes, and dreams. Just say an extra prayer today, I really need it ( along with a speedy recovery and a run!!) ......Sorry I have been absent in bloggy land. I am back, for good, and I am working on a change of attitude and some positive vibes! Stick with me guys!!!!

I'll have hubby take some pictures today so you guys can see the knee before and after...maybe hubby will even help me blog while I'm loopy...that could be interesting!! Haha! stay tuned..........................

Happy Friday and
Happy Running,


  1. I will say a prayer for you today! Here's to a speedy recovery and some extra sugar for your knee!

  2. Good luck and hope it turns out well!

  3. Oh man! Good luck! I will certainly send up a few prayers for you! 2-4 months of recovery then you will be back to doing what you love!!!


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