Back from the Beach......Photos...& I Got on the Treadmill!!

In case you were wondering, Yes, I applied loads and loads of SPF 30 the entire time I was there.....but I still got a tan,  Yay!! Thank God for the Cuban blood in me!!!

I spent the past weekend in Jacksonville, FL at One Beach Resort....helloooooo, so expensive, but that is what happens when the planning is left to other family members who live lives where money is no object....I was told that the $179 a night was a "great deal" on the rooms.....little did I know that that price was before, room tax, bed tax, sales tax, valet parking fee ( daily) and the snack fee ( daily).....this left the price a lot closer to $250 a night.....ouch!!!

But needless to say, my now broke a$$, had a good deal of fun hanging with my 30 family members!! Yes, 30 of us! It was amazing...................

The celebration was my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary!! And at 80....something, they were both on the beach, body surfing (totally not kidding) and having a great time!!!  When my 7 year old saw his 82 year old great grandmother come up from riding a wave, he said " Mema, that was awesome" and his eyes were as big as golf balls! Hilarious! 

I took a ton of pictures this weekend, because even though my blog doesn't always show it, I love, love, love to take pictures ( especially of the family!!) So here is a little peek into my weekend............................ I only included the one's of my immediate family as I am not sure that all 30 members of my family would like to have their bathing suit clad bodies out here for the world wide web to enjoy!! LOL!!

Thing 1, Boogie Boarding

Thing 2 waiting for the perfect wave.....
All Smiles from Thing 2!!!

My Handsome Fellas!!!
My Grandparents - 60 Years Married

Me, Hubby, Thing 1 & Thing 2
The sign did say "keep off" - Do you think they cared? No, but a great picture opp!!

On a note a little more relating to running, yes, I know this is a running blog, and yes, I realize I have not run in 8 1/2 months, but give me a break people....................

I WALKED ON THE TREADMILL AT 3.0 MPH FOR 5 WHOLE MINUTES!!!!  I was smiling from ear to ear like a kid at Christmas!!   Oh, and by the way, I had no knee pain...............................

Things are looking up! I had a follow up appointment with my knee surgeon today and he has written a new script that says ""May begin cardio work on knee"........Do I smell running in my future???..................PT says I can do a light jog next week!! I cannot wait, I just hope and pray that the surgery worked and that when I get to .5 miles, the pain won't be there!!! Fingers crossed!!!

Received my Target Gift card in the mail today from Mrs.D,  she sent a cute card and I just love, love, love to get mail! I am a mail fanatic!!! Hate the bills, but love the mail!!! So, head over and check her out, she is pretty amazing! Thanks again Mrs. D!!

I will also be catching up on my new magazine ( which I received 2 months of this week) Running Times....anyone else get this one?? I let you know if I find any riveting, must know info!! Till then......

Happy Running,


  1. Wow--congrats to your grandparents. Very cool milestone. And you and your family are lovely.

    Good luck with the run next week--very exciting!

  2. Yay for no knee pain! SO happy for you. I totally know the anticipation of being cleared to run again. That first mile you run will be soooo sweet! Glad to read that you are almost back!!! Great pics and so cool your grandmother was body surfing!!

  3. your boys are very handsome!!

    yeahhh for coming back, I sure hope the cardio is able to resume...slowly and happily!

  4. Great pictures - and awesome job on the treadmill. You can do it!!


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