Catching up....Skinny Cows....and Off to the Beach!!

Hello Fellow Bloggers!! Okay so I am a bit behind on the times, so here goes!!

Cute little Mrs. D ( she is amazing.., and she recently had a giveaway and I won....awesome!!) at Running Into Healthy Happyness ( if you haven't been there, go) dubbed me with the Versatile Blogger Award - I know all of you were dubbed by someone, but just give me my 3 minutes of glory people!!....I know I am not versatile,  because all I do is whine and complain and stay on the injured list like I said, things are looking up!!! So here are 7 things about me:

1) I was the captain of the cheerleading squad in Junior High and High School and traveled to London and New York  to cheer in  parades with All Star cheering squads!!

2) I am part of a very close knit family. We still, to this day, get together every month or two to celebrate all of the month's birthday.....All 25-30 of us....every month...pretty amazing, I wouldn't have it any other way.

3) I truly believe that communication, with the ones you love the most , is key to lasting and fulfilling relationships.....I never go to bed mad and always let my hubby know how I feel ( whether he wants to hear it or not, lol!) . I just read an article that said you should always hold hands with your hubby/boyfriend while arguing/discussing....hmmmmm, sounds interesting, I bet the argument wouldn't last as long.....

4) My one cup of morning coffee really makes me smile, literally.....coworkers think I'm a bit loony, but a perfect cup of coffee ( lots of cream and sugar) just makes me smile, it's the simple things people!!!

5) I have been married for 12 years and with my hubby for 15 years. I am only 35. I got married right out of college and don't regret that at all. When you know, you know....I also wanted to have kids early so that I will still be young , active and have plenty of time to travel with my hubby once they are out of the house! That's how my parents did it...they've been married 40 years this year, and how my grandparents did it too and they are celebrating 60 years together today!!!!

6) I am secretly jealous of ALL of the women models in the Athleta catalog, if you haven't seen them or the great clothing....head HERE!! These women's bodies are amazing!! When I grow up, I want to look like them, LOL.....a little rehab, and a ton of working out, I'll get there.....really I can dream, right??

7) I am currently beginning to study for the Enrolled Agents exam. ......I am nervous and would love input from anyone who has taken it!!! I hope to take all 3 parts of the exam by February of 2011.....I must get crackin!!

There you have it, a few tidbits about moi........

                                         Skinny Cows!!
So have you guys tried the new small sized Skinny Cow ice creams....??? Pretty Yummo, and just the right size!!
I scored a couple at my local grocery store for just $.50 a piece, so I figured, Why not???

I tried Dulce De Leche....................

This ice cream has 150 calories for the whole thing, only 1g of Fat and 4G of fiber ( bonus!!)
This one tasted rich, creamy and extra sweet. If you love , love caramel, this is the flavor for you, it had tons of caramel swirls!! And if you are on Weight Watchers....Only 2 points!!!
Let me know what you think!!!

So folks, I am off to the beach with all of my family to celebrate my grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary!! Pretty amazing that they have been together sooooooo long!! It should be an amazing weekend, I will check in on your blogs and will hopefully post some pics on Monday!!!
Have a super duper weekend!!!!
Happy Running,


  1. Fun facts! I had my kids late in life...just wasn't ready early on and I am always impressed by you ladies who were.

  2. I saw those Skinny Cows in the store, now I MUST try them! Have a great trip!


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