My Heaven on Earth.....................

My hubby was finally able to get an internet connection a few minutes ago so I am here with my first blog post from

Blowing Rock, NC

Blowing Rock is my true idea of Heaven on Earth. My peaceful place that makes me smile the minute I drive in and get out of the car. Not only is it absolutely beautiful here, but it even smells better, cleaner.....ahhhhh....

I had the torture I mean pleasure of driving my 80 something grandparents here while hubby followed me in our vehicle with Thing 1 and 2. I actually had a ton of fun with conversations on why old people are so grumpy and impatient when they have nothing to do all day......................And many other conversations that ended up being TMI....there is only so much you really want , or need, to know about your grandparents...We did have fun though!! And we all arrived safely...This is what we pulled in to........

My Aunt's mountain home, Not only is it better than any inn or hotel on the planet, It's free...For a whole week!!!!

The view from the bottom back porch - Overlooking Blowing Rock Country Club Golf Course.

The back of the house.

The front entryway......

This is the fire pit that has orange and blue ( Go Gators!!) crystals in it that glow at night!! And we have dreamt up a new type of smore's with a reese's cup, marshmallow, and thin chocolate wafers - sounds delicious and I'll let you know how they turn out!!!

Mr. Moose at the side of the house that protects the beautiful flowers from the evil little chipmunks...Haha...just kidding, there are tons of chipmunks and they are the cutest little things..I'll get a pic before the week ends!!

Did I say Beautiful flowers?? OMG..These hydrangeas are the most beautiful blue and they are in huge bushes all the way around the house.....

Enough blabbering for today...I am busy you know, I have to get out in one of the soft cozy chairs on the back porch and enjoy the high 70's breezy weather, maybe take a cat nap, or read a book.....Only a few more hours till we pick up Thing 1 & 2 from Day camp! It was their first day and they were doing a low ropes course and rock wall so I hope they had a blast!!! Tomorrow they make tie-dye shirts and then head out for some afternoon golfing...sounds pretty rough, doesn't it?? :0)

Now that I can get on the net, I will try to post some more of our vacation over the next few days. Tomorrow, we are thinking of heading back to our Alma Mater, Duke University, for the day , to see how much it's changed in the last 13-14 years ( wow, I think I'm getting old!!).........Gonna meet up with my best friend from college and have lunch!!!

Almost forgot..............I walked 1.25 miles today at a good pace and did 2 short runs, 1:30 and 2:00, yep, I did 2:00 solid minutes with no pain......Little by little.....I'm getting there!!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Oh, I love that area of north Carolina! Have a great time!

  2. Okay, this is totally bizarre. I think the house you are staying in is a short ways down the road from the house my Dad and Step-mom own in Blowing Rock. Their house overlooks the BRCC golf course as well. Our whole family is going up for the weekend of the 4th and staying there.

  3. I love that area of NC. I spent 2 weeks in Highlands a couple of years ago, and it is just divine. Have a slice of caramel cake!


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