My Newest Form of Torture at Therapy Thursday......

It was back to Physical Therapy today as my schedule has been 2 days a week, Mon and Thursday for the past few weeks. Today was different because I will not see my therapist again for 2 1/2 weeks. First, I leave for vacation tomorrow after work and then she leaves when I am gone.........I'm actually sad about not seeing her for that long...

Today we focused on some shoulder work and I was reintroduced to..... duh, duh,duh ( insert suspense music here)

The Tower ( pilates)

Oh yes, my friends, another form of torture great pilates machine to improve my core, balance and strength! So between the Tower and the Reformer, I am going to be forced back into shape no matter how I feel about it! I am so excited, hope you didn't read that with a hint of really...... All kidding aside, I actually love the whole idea of pilates and love that I am using it to strengthen my core and get my body back in alignment, even more so,  I am excited that I will be able to continue pilates after my therapy is over! Yay!

At the end of my stretching, infrared therapy, and Tower work,  I got on the treadmill. I have to say that I have been a little reluctant to talk about the treadmill because after my excited 30 seconds of treadmill post HERE, my very next therapy session ended in a not so exciting 30 seconds of running with major pain in my knee of the same source ( or what felt like the same source) as before my surgery. I not only got extremely discouraged (=bawled my eyes out after I left therapy and was in the car),  but I also started thinking that I may never run again......but, because I have such an awesome PT ( I know, I know, but I can't help saying it out loud, everyday, at least once a day) , she told me not to be discouraged, added new stretches and exercises and a very minimal brace to hold my patella in place, and guess what?????

Today I ran 1:06 at 5.5 mph with NO pain!!! I also completed a full mile at 3.5mph with no pain...................YAY! I can't tell you how excited I am!!

To all of you running races this weekend, I wish you the best, enjoy every minute, you never know when a whole minute on a treadmill might be the highlight of your week........................

And to keep the good news flowing.......................

Me and the fam head off to Blowing Rock, North Carolina for 8 days of heaven!!

Blowing Rock, NC is my favorite place on Earth, sounds crazy, I know.....but I am a Florida born girl who is a mountain girl at heart. Love the smell of the air, the beauty and sound of nature, the peacefulness,........I cannot wait. Even better, and maybe a little bit selfish, is that my kids will being going to a day camp from 10-4 every day , so me and the hubs will actually get some much needed time together and maybe even some relaxation!! Like a don't have to entertain the kids all day, actually take a break, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the peace and quiet vacation..................and then have a blast with the kids in the evening.......the best of both worlds!!!

I would love to share with you guys over the next week, my love of photography, my love of my family and that special bond we have, so get ready for a ton of picture taking...................Hopefully I'll have access to upload.............................

Happy Running,


  1. I just caught up on your entire blog... or, the last 6 posts. Wow, you're so cute. I mean it. Adorable. I wasn't going to comment, but then, I read your line about "this is a running blog" and I wanted to say that the stories about your "mothering" and the emotional ties to your family are just as interesting to me as your PT Torture. I'm looking forward to dropping back and catching up on your family pics. We're headed to OBX, NC in the up coming weeks.

  2. Have fun in BR! I went to ASU and love those mountains. It was so hard to leave when I graduated.


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