Reform Me......Please.....

Has Anyone Used One of These Before???

This is a Pilates Reformer for those of you who don't know......I am VERY new to pilates. Actually, I have never even taken a pilates class, nor have I done a pilates video, but I have been introduced to this torture contraption amazing machine by my fabulous Physical Therapist. Have I told you how amazing she is ( oh, yeah, about 1000 times) , But she is amazing.She incorporates Pilates into her therapy sessions for a total body!!

Here is the update on all injuries. What we have determined is that I have a major imbalance in my hips on the right side that is affecting my shoulders, hips, knee and ankle. Had I learned this about 8 months ago, I may not have needed knee surgery ( but I am over that...what's done is done, right??).  My hip is majorly upshifted on the right and it is rotated back, imbalanced on 2 plains.....lovely. Because of this, I have problems with my knee wanting to turn in, which causes my patella to track incorrectly, which causes major knee pain when running............

With a new PT, has come all of these discoveries.....The main focus at this point is getting my hips balanced, the harder thing is to keep them balanced.....My muscles have memory ( who knew??) and they like to go back to the place that they know and love....but don't they know that they will love their new home just as much if they give it some time???? Obviously not... We keep getting them on track and they go back off frustrating.

Insert here.............torture contraption...I mean Reformer.....I actually love this machine. It does everything, legs, arms, abs, and it focuses on keeping your body completely aligned and using your core. My core needs some work people.............So my PT is approaching my knee injury with a full body approach and for that, I am grateful!

I am so happy to have a person in my life that is really trying to get me back to "normal" again, who understands my passions and what I need mentally and physically......Such a major difference from the last PT "mill" I went to. My shoulder recovery, now, 6 months later is not even back to "normal". But with my new PT, I have more faith than ever that I will get me.

On another note,  I have been giving a lot more thought lately to this blog...... I know it started as a running blog, but I struggle daily to find things workout/running related to blog about.  Being on the injured list for 8+ months has left me with not a whole lot besides complaining and therapy to talk about. What would you guys think about me adding in some of my other, cooking, crafts/frugal finds, bargain shopping, couponing...??? Just some thoughts...I know that I will lose some of my hardcore running readers, but I may gain other readers with varying interests. My followers list has been stuck at 69 for a long time....So thanks to the 69 of you out there who listened to me complain for the last 8 months, but really I could use some imput, ideas, and thoughts on this blog and its future! I love meeting new people, I love having support and I want to improve upon what I've started...................................

Happy Running,


  1. I enjoy reading about your workouts. It would be nice to know what else you do...

    My blog is about everything. Lately, more about running.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like you have been through the ringer lately! Glad to hear things are looking up! I have done Pilates in the past and loved it, but never had the opportunity to use the Reformer (I am jealous!). I say write about whatever makes you happy. It's hard to keep up a blog when it feels more like work and less like fun! I look forward to keeping up with your progress with PT and hope for a speedy recovery.


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