Things Are Looking Up.......

Things are starting to look up in my world! I am out of bed, back to work, and I officially start PT tomorrow.

I had a PT evaluation on Tuesday, and I love, love, love my new PT. With the shoulder, I went to a clinic that basically used the same protocal for every patient and I would have an appointment at the same time as 4-5 other patients. I had very little hands on or one on one time with my PT. As a result, my shoulder is still not back to 100% , 6 months after surgery and I still have pain. The new PT is completely hands on. I will see her 2 times a week for 1- 11/2 hours each session and the therapy is completely 1 on 1. I am very excited,  and I am hoping to get back out there sooner rather than later. It will most likely be about 8 more weeks, but in the grand scheme of not running for 8 months, what's another 8 weeks, right???

I also have weekly visits to the Coumadin clinic to moniter my INR for my blood thinners. I was advised that blood thinners don't actually dissolve clots ( did anyone else know this)?? It just reduces the risk of additional clots. So,  I was told that I am still at risk for stroke, etc and that I will have to be on the Coumadin for 3 months to a year!! Craziness.

The important thing is that I am feeling sooooooo much better!! Pain is minimal, and since meeting my PT, I am moving forward with a pisitive attitude!! I have even added some core/abdominal exercises to my knee exercises. I am so looking forward to getting this body back in shape but not in time for swimsuit season - (yes, I have to wear one next week, uggghhh)..............

While on bedrest,  I had a few little surprises......A good friend of mine brought her 5 year old daughter over to have a picnic in bed!! They brought me soup and we colored in coloring books. She brought  about 10 cute little stuffed pink/sparkly animals over and lined them up on the bed beside my leg so that I would have more "friends" at my picnic!! How cute is that???

The other surprise was that my best friend drove from Jupiter ( 3 hours) and completely shocked me....she didn't tell me she was coming, cancelled a dinner party and a ton of other weekend activities she had planned, all because I got a bit emotional on the phone and she thought I needed her. Well, I did, but I wasn't going to tell her that! And she showed up just to come lay in bed with me and keep me company!! We stayed in our PJ's for 2 1/2 days and she brought a ton of magazines. I think we watched FoodNetwork for 48 hours straight!!!! Anyone who is willing to drop everything when they feel that you need them, is the best friend a person can have. She is amazing and if she is reading this, thanks girlie!! I needed that more than you know!!!! ( I hate that I didn't take our picture though!!)

I have been trying to keep up with everyone's blogs but haven't been commenting a ton....I'll try to do better! Thank you all so much for all of the sweet comments, extra prayers and well wishes!! It is so nice to know I have a community of friends and runners who support me and care about me!! You guys rock!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Yay! Tobi's on the mend! Glad to hear from you and to hear you're digging your new PT. Awesome!

    You clearly have some terrific friends.... dropping everything to visit and watch Food Network for two days? That ROCKS. Love the pink picnic friends (and the 'live' one, too) ~ so cute!

    Take care of yourself, girlie! Keep us posted.

    HUGE HUGS from Orlando!

  2. Awww that is great! You have a great group of friends! So glad you get to start PT and that you get 1 on 1 time with them! Yay for progress!!!

  3. Glad you're starting to feel better! :)


  4. You have a very nice friend :)

    Hope PT goes well and you are back to normal soon!

    Take care.

  5. Hello! I discovered your blog through Leslie's @ "her little dog too" ... nice to meet you :) I had a similar experience with my leg while in Florida, I had too much sun and my legs got very swollen, since i have the Leiden's V factor mutation my relatives - who are doctors - were concerned about blood cloth, so I had an ER visit but luckily it was just a really bad burn. Did they tell you why you had the blood cloth? Take care!

  6. Wow, you have a really good friend! I think it's great she dropped by to cheer you up.


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