100th Post!!!

In celebration of my 100th post ( are you hearing the music and seeing the confetti?) , I am going to give you the 100th post tradition of 100 things about Tobi / busyrunningmama....If you aren't in for the long haul, just stop here and catch me for Thrifty Thursday tomorrow.........If anyone is still reading.....here we go......

I might steal a few ideas from the REDHEAD 'S 100th post, but hey, at least I give her credit......But I think she actually "jacked" it from Aron......such bloggy sharing love....

10 Things about my past :
1) I was born and raised in Florida and still live here.
2) I was born in 1975 ( yes, I am 35 and a Pisces!)
3) I am the youngest of 2 girls and I love my oldest sister with all of my heart! Although we fought like crazy when we were young!
5) I played youth softball and was a little league, middle school, and high school cheerleader.
6) I graduated from High School in 1993 and college in 1997.
7) I went to college at Duke University in NC, and to this day, I dream of living in the NC mountains one day ( one can dream, right??)
8) Since college, I have been a Restaurant Manager ( that totally sucked!), an Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster, A Special Investigator for fraudulent auto claims, A Pharmaceutical Rep, and now I am working to take over my father's accounting business when he retires. He bought it from my grandfather so it has been in the family for 30-40 years.....no pressure......
9) I got married at the age of 23, to the love of my life and this weekend is our 12th Anniversary and we have been together 15 years in October.
10) I lived in OK for 9 months after I got married, cuz that's where hubby is from and he had a good job at the time.....and I was just out of college.

10 Places I have been/traveled:
I'll preface this one with a back story....Hubby and I have decided to try to travel to a different state every year for our Anniversary, sans kids, so that when we have been married 50 years, we will have been to all 50 states....Now, I have to admit, some years we will have to skip out because the funds or the time off is just not happening, but we are trying.......
1) Oklahoma ( where hubby's from)
2) California ( Where hubby's sister lives)
3) Colorado ( Where hubby's brother lives)
4) Florida ( obviously)
5) North Carolina ( we both went to school there and go to Blowing Rock every year!)
6) New York ( went to NYC for our 5th Anniversary)
7) Vermont (stayed in a B&B, in the middle of nowhere for our Anniversary)
8) Georgia ( Savannah, when I was pregnant with Thing 1- )
9) Montana ( OMG, soooooo amazing - This was our 10 year anniversary trip. Stayed at an All Inclusive Ranch, if you are interested in an amazing "Out West" trip...check out  Triple Creek Ranch! Probably one of the most amazing places on Earth!!!
10) Telum, Mexico ( our Honeymoon!)

10 Songs on my "Tobi's Run" Ipod play list
1) "You're a Jerk" by New Boyz......Love this one, just don't sing aloud while running because people give you the stink eye....just sayin!
2) "Dazzy Duks" by Duice.....Yes, I went there....
3) " Fergalicious" by Fergie
4) "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield
5) "Womanizer" by Britney Spears....sorry, but it has a good beat...
6) "In da Club" by 50 cent
7) "Lady Marmalade" by christina Aguilera, Lil Kim
8) " Put your records on" by Corrine Bailey Rae
9) " Promiscuous" by Nellie Furtado
10) "Everybody" by Misdemeanor

Okay, so can you tell I like to shake my groove thang!! You would never know from that list that I am a HUGE fan of all things country music!! I also love, love, love Tyrone Wells, if you like acoustical, soulful,  rock ( not country at all),.....he is amazing!!! Take a listen.....

10 Things About My Personality:

1) I am very Giving
2) I am Stubborn
3) I am a Control Freak ( Bossy is what my friends call it...I think they are wrong of course)LOL!!
4) I am Low Maintenance
5) I am an Overachiever
6) I am Touchy/feely/huggy  it's the Latin blood!, we don't shake hands, we hug!!)
7) I am emotional ( at times)
8) I am loving
9) I am Genuine
10) I am proud ( of my family and my accomplishments)

10 Things I love:
1) Nike Tempo Running Shorts....I'm obsessed
2) Hugs
3) Jeans ( my favorite, but not always doable in the Fl heat)
4) The Mountains
5) Food and cooking
6) Entertaining
7) Dresses
8) Sour Gummy Life Savers
9) My Keurig One cup Coffee Maker ( Love, Love, Love)
10) Fresh flowers, gardens, and all things nature!


10 Reasons why I run/exercise:
1) I'm not getting any younger, but trying to look like it
2) Stress Relief ( 2 boys 7 and 9....enough said)
3) For the high ( I have NEVER done drugs, gotta get it somewhere)
4) For slimmer saddle bags ( notice I didn't say to get rid of the saddlebags...I mean do they really ever go completely away?? I for one, would not know.....)
5) For a Healthy Body
6) For self confidence....which leads to .....
7) A better sex life ( hubby likes this one....sorry TMI)......and
8) Happiness
9) To inspire people around me......to encourage others to join in.....
10) To set a good example for my children

10 Foods I LOVE

1) Pizza/calzones/stromboli
2) Pasta
3) Starbuck's Carmel Machiatto Ice Cream
4) Sour Gummy Lifesavers
5) Chips and Queso ( especially from Chili's....wouldn't share when I was preggo...order your own I say)
6) Mac and Cheese
7) Corn Pudding
9) Salads....all kinds....love, love, love salad!!
10) Bread

10 Foods I HATE (some may surprise you)

1) Pickles ( who doesn't like pickles?, I feel very alone on this one)
2) Mayo ( which includes all salads made with it ...pasta salad, tuna salad...etc)
3) Brussel Sprouts ( bad memories of sitting at the table, long after dinner was over, trying to figure out how to eat the 1 brussel sprout I had to eat to leave the table...)
4) Mustard
5) Olives
6) ONIONS.... I even strain jarred spaghetti sauce.....I know...so ridiculous!! Everything has onions in it!!!
7) Pumpernickel bread/ Rye bread....yuck
8) Salsa..... it goes back to the Onions....also hate...
9) Cilantro
10) "greens" ....I am from the South, but I just can't do it......

10 Things I am Most Thankful For

1) My Mom and Dad....They brought me into this world and have supported me every step of the way, such fantastic role models, for me, my marriage ( They will celebrate 40 years this year) , and my children.
2) My Sister - Love her soooooo much!
3) My Hubby - My rock, the love of my life, the most amazing man on Earth. He really does complete me and I can't imagine my life without him in it!
4) My Children - Just beautifully rotten boys! They are my World!! They make me laugh ( and scream, and cry sometimes!!) , But I would not trade being a mother for anything!!!
5) My Job - Working for my father has been such a blessing. We have only gotten closer and it is amazing to see how proud he is of me and how much he trusts his business in my hands!
6) My Girlfriends - By BFF from high school Shani, and my BFF from College, Kimberly. These 2 women have been there for me for years and we are like sisters, no matter how much time passes, we pick up right where we left off, I am soooooo thankful they are in my life. Also, for all of the friends I have picked up along the way....I love, love, love my girlfriends and each and every one is special in their own way.
7) Neighbors - Since building our home 3 years ago, we have met so many people in our new neighborhood and continue to do so. I n my last neighborhood I had amazing friends also....I still keep in touch even though a few have moved all over the country!!
8) The ability  to Run and stay active ( with 2 minor surgical set backs).
9) My PT. She really is amazing and I am sooooo glad I found her! I will get back to my old active running self sooner. rather than later, with her as part of the equation!
10) My Life. It is so full and rich. Full of family, togetherness, love, stability, happiness........

10 Things I Love to do:

1) Date night with Hubby/ Family Quality Time
2) Watch TV ( I am addicted and have 2 DVR's)
3) Eat
4) Exercise/Run
5) Travel
6) Shop ( and find a big bargain!!)
7) Cook/Bake
8) Make Jewelry
9) Entertain ( including decorations, homemade invites, etc)
10) Blogging

That's 100 Folks!!!!

If you are still with me, you are one of the handful of my faithful followers. For that, I thank you. Each and every follower is important to me. This has been a very rough year for me. With 9 months on the sidelines, 2 surgeries, a ton of pain and rehab, and a blog that has only been around for a week shy of a year......It has not been easy to get or keep followers, due to my lack of blogging ( or lack of blogging about running) during this tough time. Thanks for hanging with me, thanks for your support and thanks for the bloggy love!! You guys rock!!! If you think that someone would enjoy my blog, give me a shout out. I will be basically starting from scratch with my running so any new runners or beginners may want to follow!!!

Stay tuned for my Blogaversary next week!! .....I might have a giveaway....hint, hint........

Happy Running,


  1. Congrats on number 100! Very cool that you get to work with your dad and take over the family business. Looking forward to another 100!

  2. Fun list!

    Wait, you are Latin and don't like salsa? How can that be???

  3. congrats on 100! I would love to go to Montana, your trip sounds amazing!

  4. Super fun lists! It's always fun to learn more about bloggy friends! Congrats on 100!

  5. Hi, I am a newer follower, so this was a great way to get to know you! I have been into athletics all my life, but am just starting out my running/triathlon journey so its cool to read about you, I feel kindred to you (how cheesy!) Also, I HATE pickles, the smell makes me sick even! Oh, and I totally have "womanizer" on my player too. How embarrasing! You can check out my husband and mine's blog at http://trackcoach-tressaabe11.blogspot.com/ Congrats on 100!

  6. Congrats on 100, friend!! :)

  7. Fun post! I might have to try those running shorts you love. I'm looking for ones that don't creep up into my crotch. That's such a pain.

    Congrats on 100!

  8. I got a Trek 5000 and found it to be a good value. I'm not a big expert on bikes, so I'm probably not the best source for biking info, but I can say is you need to know what you are looking for. Meaning you will want to get the sizing and everything right before you start looking on craigslist, it can get overwhelming if you don't have something specific in mind. There are also many review sites if you find a bike that looks like you may want too. I used roadbikereviews.com to check out my bike before I decided to get it. Good luck and happy craigslist hunting.


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