Crazy Busy!!

Life, since last Friday has been crazy busy!! So, I'm making a list ( don't have time to check it twice) so here goes......................
Here is what busyrunningmama has done since I posted last Friday:

1) Took the kids to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner Friday night! The "Chef" who cooks in front of you, knew no tricks....What the hell? I have kids, they like tricks, get with it dude.... I actually told him that he needed to learn some tricks and to start practicing ( that did not embarrass my 9 ( almost 10 year old) at all).

2) Mowed the yard, pulled the weeds, and planted a pot by the front door and an herb garden under my oak tree....with a trip to Lowes somewhere in between. Have caught a little squirrel chewing on my bell pepper plant leaves twice since I planted it.....ugghhhh.....

3) Spent 1.5 hours cutting coupons for my 1.5 hour grocery trip. Sounds like a long time, but I do this weekly and it saves my family $90-$125 every week!! yay for coupons!!

4) Had the neighborhood kid over to the spend the night with Thing 2. They are 2 wild boys when they get together!! They had a blast. Thing 2 has discovered quite a few kids his age in the neighborhood recently, I think it's fabulous, great neighborhood friends are just a great part of growing up....Do you remember your neighborhood friends?? Was there one house you always went to, or did you rotate??

5) Cleaned my office bright and early Sunday morning.. grabbed Subway for lunch for a porch picnic ( it's shadier and less buggy say Thing 1) with the family, and then headed to Circle B Bar Reserve for a 3 mile trail walk with hubby and the kids!! ( Pictures to come, the only available camera was hubby's phone and he hasn't emailed them to me yet!) This Reserve is really the most scenic set of trails we have anywhere near me. The ground is a bit uneven, so it was a challenge for me with the knee, but I made it and so did the kids! We saw 1 alligator, 1 black snake, a ton of spiders on their webs, a beautiful Cardinal, a ton of other birds and a bunch of butterflies!!

6) Monday and Tuesday were crazy with work and I had PT  Monday at lunchtime and had to run a ton of errands Tuesday at lunchtime.....It's crazy trying to fit it all in and still work full time!!

7) Saturday,  I walked/ran 2.85 miles - I ran 5 minutes, twice, at an 8:57/mile pace - ended up running 1.18 miles total - I'm getting there......, Monday morning I biked 4.25 miles!!

8) Sunday, I swam....Or maybe I should say I didn't drown, because I'm not sure I could call it swimming!! I always thought I was a good swimmer, but what I realize now, was that I was a good player in the water without drowning..............I am great at swimming under water, doing flips, dives, etc, but I don't think I ever learned how to swim, as in strokes, as in laps, as in wear goggles and workout....
Wow! What a workout. I was wearing my seven year old's camo goggles that are 3 sizes too small for me and I managed to stay in the pool ( my neighbors- she wasn't home, but her hubby was and I am sure he was laughing hysterically at me from inside) for 25 minutes.

9) Got home from "swimming" and took a shower, and went out to lay on the hammock under our large oaks! It was breezy and beautiful and I actually fell asleep for 30 minutes ( very unlike me) ....Amanda, I am counting this as meditation if you are reading!!  Went back out yesterday and laid there and concentrated on breathing for 5 minutes...A little me time!!

So now you know why I haven't blogged.....Oh the craziness that this busyrunningmama has going on sometimes!!!

Happy Running,


  1. You stink! You haven't run in HOW long and then you go for a run on Saturday and run at a 9;57 pace? WTH? I'm not jealous.

    You are one busy girl. Nice job on your accomplishments!

  2. Oh number 9 is the winner in that list! Sounds like a fun week.

  3. Summer always seems like it should be a time to relax, but it never happens! You're a busy lady!

  4. Wow you are busy! LOL about the swimming.


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