Foodie Friday!

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Hello Everyone! It is Foodie Friday and because I missed Thrifty Thursday, you are in for a combo!!

Although I always promote the farmer's markets, CSA's and local growers as a first choice for fresh fruits and veggies, it is inevitable that we all end up at the grocery store!! And, as you know, I am all about a deal. So what better thing to save money on than food?? The food that we blog about, the food that fuels our runs, and the food that nourishes our bodies and the bodies of our loved ones.

I used to spend a ton of time matching up the weekly ads for my local grocery store, with the printable internet coupons and the coupons that I cut from the local Sunday papers.  But I have got it down to a system. It usually takes me an hour at home and at least and hour at the grocery store, not too bad.Most grocery stores accept competitor coupons and allow a manufaturer coupon to be used with a store/competitor coupon, thus giving you the benefit of 2 coupons on 1 item. Some stores have double coupon days! There is so much to learn! The good news is that as we love to blog about running, others love to blog about couponing........

I follow some great blogs that do alot of the grunt work for me and I end up getting my groceries at 40-60% off every week!! yay for food and for savings!! Yay for coupon bloggers!!

A great blog to start you off is Be Centsable . This blog has a grocery gathering section that gives all of the weekly ads for many stores nation wide!! It will tell you the sale prices and will tell you what coupons you can use in combination with the sales. Some of the coupons will be printable with a link, others will come from other sources that they will list. Another reason this site is so great, is because they have a whole section on getting started with couponing HERE.  They also have online workshops HERE.

So I know that you think that this whole couponing thing will take up too much time and may cut into your running time.But just think, for all of you guys on a budget, of all the money you will save on the food you eat that can now be spent on great new running outfits, entry fees, etc.........are ya following me ladies?? ( and gents) ??

Did you actually hear that?......enough money to buy new running it worth the time now?? You decide?? I think so!

It takes a few trips to get it down to a system, But I tell ya what , you will be saving a ton of money in no time. I am at about $300-$400 a month in savings, and I have a great stockpile of basics (canned goods, toiletries, cereal, etc) that I got at huge discounts!!! Some even free! Heck, they even paid me to take some of these items out of the store ( that is called a "money maker" my friends)!! Who knew you could make money while grocery shopping! Holla!

So give it a try, pledge to use 5 coupons this weekend at the grocery store, or on your next trip. Use the grocery gatherer at Be Centsable.  Try it out! I promise, the first time you see your savings at the bottom of the receipt, you will get excited that that money is still in your wallet!!

Here is a picture of one of my receipts. Look at the 2 circled numbers. The top is what I spent, the bottom is what I saved - pretty much 50% - and that is for just one week ( I have 2 boys and a hubby, hate to see my bill in 5 years when the boys are teens....)

Let me know what kind of deals you score!!
Happy Running,

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  1. This is awesome info about couponing. Thanks for telling em about it girl :)



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