Knee Report and Working Out!!

I am happy to report that I went to my knee surgeon for a 2 month follow up yesterday and.....................


Now don't get too excited ( I had to tell myself that, I mean, come on people, I haven't REALLY run in 9 months and I'm chompin at the bit), I am still under the care of my awesome PT, and I am taking it slow, as to build the correct muscles around my hips, so that I don't re injure in the future........

The bad news is that my shoulder is still hurting! But,  we have narrowed it down to bicep tendinitis at the insertion point into the shoulder. Doc says that if I can push through the pain now ( and he said it was okay to do that,  as I will not injure it further by doing so) , with increased mobility and strength in the shoulder, the bicep tendon should heal I guess it's time to put on my big girl panties, and just deal with the pain, because I am more than ready to be done with all of these injuries!!!!

My PT called, I haven't seen her in 3 weeks ( wow, I can't believe it's been that long!!) We were both on vacation and they overlapped.......She will do a full reassessment of both my knee and shoulder tomorrow and we will come up with a new plan going forward to get me going!! Yay!! It looks like everyone is on board.....cannot wait to run my first 5K back after injuries...maybe I should start looking for one.....gonna discuss that with PT tomorrow as far as what kind of timeline I'm looking at.

I am finding that as I get back out there and run, I am concentrating on every step, making sure I plant my foot correctly and that my right knee is facing straight ahead ( instead of inward) , it makes running much harder for me when I have to concentrate.....I also am finding that I am not suffering from knee pain while running ( yay!), but cardiovascularly(not sure that's a word - haha), I am WAY OUT OF SHAPE !!! Ugghhhh...That is what 9 months of no exercise will do for ya!!

The good news is that I am motivated and have come up with a new workout schedule.....Right now there are not times, paces, or set mileage......I am just setting myself up to get out there and do stuff....anything, to get me back in shape...... Here is what it looks like: By the way, I started this last week and gained 4 LBS ......WTH????

Monday - 5:30AM  - knee shoulder exercises and 30 minute walk/run
                Noon - PT

Tuesday - 5:30AM - knee/shoulder exercises and 30 min biking
                NOON - walk at lunchtime
               -evening - abs and ball for legs

Wednesday - 5:30 AM - knee/shoulder exercises and 30 min walk/run

Thursday - 5:30AM - knee/shoulder exercises and 30 min bike
                  Noon - PT

Friday - NOON - walk

Saturday and Sunday - family time and walk/run each day...........

So, I have a plan and I hope the schedule will say 30 minute run ( without the walk) before too long.....Thanks for hanging in with me and for all of the support! You guys rock!!!

Happy Running,


  1. THAT IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you!

  2. You're cleared for takeoff--hooray!
    And you absolutely get a bonus entry for my CSN giveaway for your Lupus donation!

  3. Congrats on the great news. Hope you shoulder gets feeling better soon!


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