Promised Pictures, Sunrise Salutations, and More Miles...

As promised, I am going to start with pictures from our trail walk at Circle B Reserve a week and a half ago, yes it HAS been that long, but I finally got the pics from hubs phone!! Enjoy!

The uneven ground along the trail was a challenge for my knee,
but I made it over 3 miles!

The boys made it the full 3 miles also!!

"Alligator Alley" runs along abeautiful big lake with a nice breeze!!

The past week has been busy again.......Here is what I have accomplished exercise wise:

I learned an 8 minute yoga sequence called Sunrise Salutation. My wonderful PT says I am a natural, who would have thunk. This is my first attempt at any type of yoga and I am already loving it. I have done it every day and I also did a 20 minute yoga session on Exercise On Demand called " Zen in the Den", pretty basic, but for this beginner, it was perfect!!

I had 2 PT session last week with much more work on the Reformer and the Tower. My core is getting stronger and my body more flexible!! yay!

I ran 1 mile twice last week!! The first was at just under 11 min/mile, BUT the second was at 9:23!! Woot! Woot! I am going to continue doing 1 mile for right now and not push too much with this rehab. I will be happy when I can consistantly do 1 mile at about 9:00 to 9:30 pace every time and I will start adding miles in a few weeks. So, I'm thinking a 5K in October?? Sounds silly, but sooooooo exciting for me......

I biked 5.25 miles on Sunday, then shopped all day with my mom!!  I was riding at just over 11mph, that seems very slow to me. I am only up to gear 4 of 7 and that is still hard for me. ...Hopefully the speed will come with time....I am also riding a walmart bike that is not made for speed ( duh, that could be the problem....)

A few weeks ago,  on Thrifty Thursday, I talked about scoring some great deals at Groupon on tickets to our local Arena Football Game..........................And we went on Saturday night!!

GO Tampa Bay Storm.............................

The boys had a blast, there were dancers ( which Thing 2 loved), a DJ ( which Thing 1 loved ) and the best Arena football team in the world ( which we all loved) !! We had a fantatstic time!!!

Don't look at the muffin top... Holy cow, I really need to lose these 8 pounds......

As if my belly rolling over my jeans wasn't enough, My son asked if he could take a picture of me with my hubby's cell phone, "Sure" I say....little did I know that this is what he was up to.........

Wow.......If that isn't enough to make me workout everyday, I don't know what is........
Don't worry, I not only made him gain weight, I made him old too!! Fun for the whole family, those silly
Iphone Apps!!

**********By the way, this is my 99th post.....1 post from 100 and one week away from my 1year blog anniversary. I am sure that means I should do an amazing giveaway for this here blogs Birthday/100th post...... Stay tuned, I'll have something cooked up by next week*********************

Happy Running,


  1. OMG that pic is too funny! Your boys are cute! They look like mom.

  2. wow, a lot going on! i LOVE yoga, i couldn't run if i didn't do yoga. i swear.

  3. Came over from Tall Mom - Great blog! Love your design! I am going to check out the info you had on Yoga - I think you can't go wrong with run/yoga combo!

  4. LOL too funny about the picture! Thanks for stopping by today. You're so right! I need to do it and take time for our marriage...we do get alone time together but it's at our PJs :) I wish we had family around to babysit. I am going to start with the daycare teachers and ask if they babysit since Lily knows them. I never thought I would be like this - I didn't even CARE for kids before I had my own.

    I'm a running mama, too. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love it when I'm donw, hate it when I'm doing it sometimes ;) So glad to see you are getting better. Go you!


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