Thrifty Thursday! Group Buying......


GROUP BUYING....................

Can we all get a better deal by making purchases together?

That's the idea behind a new breed of "group buying" Web sites -- at least one of which may be valued at more than $1 billion. GROUPON, which traces its origins back to 2008, has a simple premise: If enough people agree to buy something, they all get a big discount.

Have any of you heard of these sites?? Well, I've been getting emails from GROUPON for several months and I got an amazing deal this week!! One for the whole family to enjoy!! Check this out:

I scored Tampa Bay Storm ( local Arena football team) tickets for $18!! The tickets include a hot dog and soda/beer. The value is about 65% off.  This normally would have cost our family over $200 for four of us, and instead , I paid $72!! Yay for family night!!!

Now GROUPON is not available in all cities but they are adding more every day AND some of the deals are for web based companies, so you could technically follow all cities and get some great deals!!!

This is a perfect way to try out new restaurants, spas, and attractions in your area at a fraction of the cost!! And I know we are all trying to save in this lovely economy!!

Another site that I am a member of,  that has the same premise is......LIVING SOCIAL

Try them out for yourself and let me know if you score any really great deals!!!

Now for those of you who hate to track things down on the net, hate to get daily emails, and hate joining the above type groups, here's a quick coupon you can print to try out McDonald's ( I know, I are all healthy.....) new Fruit Smoothies. I know they aren't as healthy as the one's we might make at home, all you green machine drinkers know who I'm talking to, BUT, for $1.29, after the's worth a try ! Especially if you are in a bind and need a quick snack or something to tide you over.... I haven't tried them yet, but I printed my coupon so that I can!!


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  1. You're the second person who has mentioned it, it's time to check it out!

  2. Love GROUPON! Discovered them about six months ago, but they weren't in Orlando yet. Now, they are and I LOVE them, getting the daily emails. Have scored some great restaurant coupons so far and look every day! Haven't seen the other one you mentioned: Living Social. Will check it out. Thanks for recommendation. :)



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