Thrifty Thursday....Who's up for discounted Running Gear??

Happy Thrifty Thursday!!

Found a few great deals out there on running gear. Now,  you can go direct to the websites via my links OR
you can become a member at EBATES ( I did a post on this a few weeks ago HERE) for an even better deal on these already fabulous finds!!!

I WILL START WITH NIKE.............................
Who here is addicted to Nike Tempo Running Shorts??? It was one of my favorites in my 100th post yesterday!! If you haven't tried them, please do, they are fabulous and I have never in my life used Body Glide or any anti chafing product, so they must be working for me!!!

NIKE has an amazing deal on the tempo shorts :

These are on sale for $15.97 in 3 colors.....reg.$ 28.00

and their Dri Fit Tanks, which are a must in this Florida heat

This is $13.97 and comes in 6 awesome colors.......reg. 20.00

If you go to Nike through ebates , you will get an extra 6% back.
Nike also is offering free shipping with every order over $100. Check it out!!


Some of the sizes are limited, but all of these are under $20.....................

Moving Comfort Cameo Bra.........$19.93.....Reg. 35.00

Brooks PR Shorts.......$17.93....Reg. $40.00

Pearl Izumi Infinity Split Shorts....$19.93......Reg. 38.00

Banana Blitz GU Sports gels - 24pk - $19.93....Reg. 32.40

Pearl Izumi Tri Top.......19.93 ......Reg. $40

Again, If you shop through EBATES, you get an extra 3% cash back.
REI Outlet is offering free shipping on orders over $75.

Hope this helps!
As for me, I am doing the thrifty job of holding a garage sale this weekend to try to rid myself of extra junk around the house! Mama always said "one man's junk is another man's treasure!" I love garage sale,  but don't love to host them!! Oh well! Maybe I will make enough cash to head down and get myself fitted for those very coveted Somnio's I've had my eye on.......I need them to help deal with all of my imbalance issues!!! Wish me luck!
Happy Running,


  1. I'll definitely check out the Tempos. I've been bidding on some on ebay but keep losing :( Why are they sooo expensive??

    I once had a garage sale. I made $500 but will never do another one. Too much work but the $500 was nice. I had all the kids clothes sorted by size with signs identifying the sizes. And I hung up as much as I could. An organized garage sale is a profitable one. Good luck!

  2. I started a Thrifty Thursday post too!

    And oh I wish I would start running again! Great blog!


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