1st Day of School!!


1st Day of 5th Grade for Thing One and 2nd Grade for Thing 2!!

As part of our family effort to go green this year and reduce our carbon footprint, I bought Arctic Zone Insulated Lunch Bags from Walmart and found Ziploc containers with 3 individual spaces for food that fit right inside the lunch bag. The lunch bags have a hard white insulated inside that keeps food from getting smooshed and keeps it cool . By using the Ziploc containers inside the bags, we will be using little to no  baggies this year. Yay  for us!! Here are the lunch bags and ziplocs I found!!!

I know the pictures aren't great, but the bag has an extra pocket on the outside for a drink and the lids for the Ziploc containers seal around each little hole so that the foods don't mix together!! They also come in a 2 pack!! So it was great for our family!!

Hope my little one's have a great day today!!!

BTW, I ran 2 miles yesterday. Average pace
This was a little slower than I would like,  but right now, I am just building up mileage , so I am happy!!

Off to PT in a few to get a crazy pilates/yoga style workout!!! She has been kicking my butt lately!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Nice job on the 2 miles! And good idea on the lunch boxes, I need to find better solutions bc I use a lot of baggies for all my boys' snacks!

  2. Hmmm....I wonder which team your family cheers for... :)


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