Creative Fitness Challenge....Help a Sister out!

I have found a really nice 1 mile loop running trail near my work. Now I live in flat, hot, humid Central Florida, so when I say "really nice", there is no reason to get all excited and do back's all relative here......It is about 1/3 shady and 2/3 completely blistering hot. It has some pretty scenery, a pond and trees

and it has a bathroom

and picnic tables I can use to gobble down my lunch after spending most of my lunch hour running/walking.

What it also has are fitness stations. some are a bit broken, and none of them have any instruction. But I love the idea of stopping to do different exercises and creating a full body workout in what little lunchtime I have.

Here is what they have, now remember, these are spread out sporadically throughout the mile. I am going to number them because I have a challenge for all of my running/fitness bloggy buddies so keep reading!!!


Benches, and quite a few of them!


2 of these


1 of these....all I can think is fireman??


Bars across the top ( monkey style) and going diagonally down the side.


and 1 of these, yep, a very short, very steep hill in the middle of Central Fl.....soooo  man made!!!


Parallel bars that are not so parallel, because 1 is totally missing!!! There is only a bar on 1 side!

Your challenge you ask???? Help me come up with a full body workout utilizing any or all of these gadgets along my 1 mile route. Now, I know most of you know that at the moment my shoulder and knee may limit some of the exercises I can do. But for this challenge, let's pretend I have no limitations at all (because one day, I won't!) How was that for positive thinking??

I will eventually (as my body allows) work all of your ideas into a really cool 45 minute full body workout!! Don't be shy, let me hear it! Doesn't matter how crazy it is. I obviously know, and do, some of the ordinary basics that make common sense on these gadgets already, but give it a whirl, be creative and put all of that awesome fitness knowledge to work. I need your help!

Once I sort through all of those creative responses (cuz I know there will be tons, right???) And you can use the #'s above the pictures to let me know which fitness gadget you are referring to...... I will share my 45 minute workout with anyone and everyone who will read it! Just in case you have access to something similar near you!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Hmmm...
    Legs - #1 - step ups & squats, #5 - uphill walking lunges
    Core - #6 - walking balance bar for stability, #4- upside down crunches on the highest diagonal bar, #2 - plank
    Back - #4 - pull ups
    Arms - #1 - tricep dips, #4 - monkey bar of course! :), #5 - pushups in the grass
    Total Body - #3 - Stripper moves! Yeah baby! :)

  2. Love the running route! :) The bathroom is key! ;)

  3. Girl you lucked out! You have everything you could possibly need for an excellent mid-day circuit workout! Start out by doing each exercise around the mile for 5 reps, timed of course and then build your workout from there.

  4. That looks like a great place for a workout! Looking at the setup you have I would go with:

    #1- step ups -Hamstring, quad, butt (aerobic)
    #2- crunches and supermen- abs, lower back (anaerobic)
    #3- body holds- shoulders and biceps, later abs if you get really adventurous (anaerobic)
    #4- reverse monkey bars- shoulders, upper back (anaerobic)
    #5- bounds up the hill- oh so much legs (aerobic)
    #6- seated pull-ups (sit with legs out in front- arms, shoulders (anaerobic)

    Of course, this is jogging from station to station which will make the anaerobic exercises much harder. Put some water at the first station and when you get back to it, take a break and get ready for your second (and maybe third) set. Track Suit Up-Track Coach


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