Foodie Friday....Behold, The Pumpkin!

First things first, it's Friday, and tragedy has been avoided.........................

Still wearing flip flops ( a bit fancier though) but the polish crisis has been fixed!!
 Yay! Goodbye trashy, hello classy!!

Okay, now that that is out of the way, I layed in bed last night pondering about what I would post on Foodie Friday and was still pondering when I stopped on my way to work this morning at my every Friday morning stop.

Now, before I tell you what it is, I will say that this is a bit of  a confession. I stop at said establishment almost every Friday, without fail. All other days of the week, I make my own cup of coffee at work, with fat free half and half and pure via sweetner, etc. I eat my yougurt, berries and Bare Naked Fit Granola and I lead a somehwat healthy breakfast eating life......but on Fridays.....................

Iced Coffee, extra Light, extra sweet Please!! Oh and the pink straw, hello??? How cute is that???

It's like my car will not drive past Dunkin Donuts on Friday. Every other day, it can, but not on Friday. This full cream, loaded with liquid sugar, sweet, yummy treat is my Friday downfall. I almost always go through the drive thru and I am not tempted by any of the sweets. I just get my coffee, in all its sweet glory and go......
But today, the drive thru line was very long, so I went in.........................

And low and behold,


Seriously people, it is not even October yet, it's still a million degrees outside in Florida, and now, I know that DD has pumpkin August......and I also know ( I'm not saying I do this every year and have experience or anything) that they will be in there until at least November................calling my name.....uggghhhh.

I just couldn't resist and oh it was good.....must use drive thru next time.......out of sight, out of mind...right??



On a running note, Robin over at Running Circles Around The Turtles, has put together a Central Florida Bloggy Running meet up at Jason's Deli in Orlando. So excited to head over tomorrow and meet some new runners and bloggers!!

Also, right after the meet up, I am headed to finally get fitted for a new pair of Somnio, custom fit/taylored running shoes.....I am sooooooo excited. I know they are expensive, but I am praying that these shoes will be the answer to all of my imbalance issues and that they will lead me back to feeling good when I run!!!

I ran 2.0 miles at 10:30 pace.....My paces are all over the board right now, but I am running again, and that is what is important!!!
Happy Running,


  1. Dude. I am a DD-aholic. You are killing me with those pictures.

  2. Oh my god - that looks DEEEEELICIOUS!

    My splurge is, without a doubt, Chick-Fil-A. Unfortunately, there's one within walking distance of my office and they couldn't PAY me enough to stay out of it!

  3. I have a Great Harvest Breads near favorite treat there is pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. Pumpkin flavored stuff is the best!

  4. I love love Pumpkin scones from Starbucks, thanks for the reminder.. I love to splurge on occasion..

    Have FUN with Robin, would love to meet her and little Red.

  5. Mmmm...pumpkin muffins. I love the pumpkin spice bread Starbucks gets in during the fall. But my vice is - brace for it cause it's TERRIBLE - a tendercrisp chicken sandwich from BK. I have one about once every other month and it is soooo yummy, and sooo loaded with trans fat I'm sure lol. I'm also a carb-lover.

    I'm coming to the meet up today so I'll see you soon!!! Forewarning - I'm terrible matching faces w/ names - but if you have sandals on I may remember your cute toes! lol

  6. Guuuurl, I get Dunkin' coffee more than once a week. LOL! I am pretty good about skipping the sweets, pretty good, not great. ;)

    A gir's gotta splurge now and again right?

    OK, so I'm in Tampa and need to meet up with you all!!


Thanks so much for your comments today!
I love the advice from all my blog friends, you are all much appreciated!!!!
Happy Running and Happy Living!!