My Somnio Experience.....

I know I have been talking about the Somnio Running Shoes for a while now. I tried to win them on another blog, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. I tried writing the company to see if they would let me review them....not so much. So I bit the bullet. I went over to the Somnio website, HERE, to locate a store near me that does the fittings. There was one that was very near me, but I am not particularly a fan of that store, so I chose to drive a bit further and I am very glad I did.

Here is what Somnio is all about ( straight from their website) :

Somnio is Latin for “dream.” Our mission is to help people achieve their lifestyle goals and do so while remaining injury and pain free. We aren’t just selling shoes; we’re solving problems, and are helping to make some dreams come true along the way.

Somnio is founded on the principle that shoes should adapt to the individual and improve biomechanics. Every person is different, and we believe that every pair of shoes should be different, too, so we built a platform for making that possible. Our exclusive system of almost infinite shoes and limitless possibilities was designed in the nation’s leading sports medicine lab, and then tested and refined there on real people, just like you. Our adjustable component system is superior to every running and casual shoe currently on the market.

We believe focus provides a clear path to achievement. We are focused on making great shoes that accommodate to every individuals needs. We are focused on building the perfect Somnio shoe for you.

I took my PT to the fitting so that she could see the process and make sure all of my lovely and unique issues were addressed.

I went to Gear for Multisports, a store in Clermont, FL. I called ahead to make sure that there would be someone there that day as it was a bit of a drive ( little over an hour). The owner, Kimberly, advised me she would be there to do the fitting personally.

When I arrived, Kimberly greeted me and got straight to work on starting my fitting. She checked the wear on my current shoes which wasn't much because I purchased them 9 months ago, right before I got injured (hmmmmmm??) and haven't run too many miles since.

Here are some pictures to try to show you the process.....Thanks Jan (my PT) for being a great photographer while I was the guinea pig!

That's Kimberly on the left.
This is me on the machine that they use to figure out what type of insoles go in the shoe.

They used laser levels to figure me out...I'm a tough puzzle to solve!!

Notice the cute running skirt- Haven't worn it to run yet, but I really like it!

After all the lasers, Kimberly set to work on getting the right insole in to each shoe.

Then I headed to the treadmill. This is the first attempt. You will notice that in this picture, I am still compensating for the turning in of my knee by pointing my right foot out to the side,
this is actually better than usual.

Just by a quick change of the insert and adding more varus, You can see a big difference. Only a very slight turning out of my foot and my knee is pointing straight forward.

Here is the end result, They look the same from the outside.....I'm not so in love with the red and yellow accents that ALL of the Somnio's have BUT I am to the point that fashion and flair must be ignored for function and form!!

They are a bit different on the inside...more arch on the left and more varus on the right....

I love the no nonsense packaging too.....very cool

I would have to say that my Somnio fitting experience was great. Kimberly at Gear for Multisports in Clermont is VERY knowledgeable about running, biking, swimming and nutrition. She has a passion for athletics and it shows! She competes in Iron Man's and she is awesome. She advised me that she does nutrition clinics once a quarter so I can't wait to go to one!!!

I cannot do a full review on the shoe yet, because I am still adjusting and tweaking.....Have a few spots that are hurting here and there and I am trying to work it out.

I will tell you that they have definitely made a difference in my knee/imbalance issues on the right side and I expend less energy as I no longer have to compensate on that side. Because I have a very wide toe box and a narrow heal, the fit is just not quite the same as my old shoes......I am going to give them a few more runs and if still having issues, I may head back over to visit Kimberly to see what we can do, but I do love the shoe.......Stay tuned........

Happy Running,


  1. I hope you like them! I just finished some speedwork in mine.

  2. Aren't they great? I'm such a convert. I seriously ran in my Brooks for about 8 years and loved them but now I am full-on w/my Somnios. I hope they keep working for you!

  3. i am in complete love with my somnio shoes, they made my IT feel so much better, but the one shoe gave me blisters so I"m trying a different insole from them

  4. yay! love the review and hope to hear more good things with your running now that you have your 'dream' shoes. :) (haha - get it? somnio means dream? I'm hilarious.)

  5. Interesting shoes. Can't wait to hear more about how they are feeling as you build up your mileage.

  6. that's great! Like your post! have a happy running always! :)

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  7. Hey Tobi! Weirdly, I remember reading this post, but don't see a comment from me ~ maybe on my BB? Oh well. Love the pics of the process. I know how excited you were about getting out there to get fitted. How are they working out, now that a few wks have passed?



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