Stay tuned...Anniversary Blog

Happy 12th Anniversary to me! Due to the fact that I got married before digital photography really took off, I have to scan my photos to do a post! And sadly I have to find the photos first........

Let's just say 12 years and counting and I will give my Anniversary it's proper spotlight tonight!!! Stay tuned! I also have a 1 year Blogaversary tomorrow! Wow!! Craziness!!!

                                         Somnio Giveaway
In the meantime, I made over $300 at my garage sale Saturday so permission has been granted to buy my Somnio's!! Yay! But then I saw this Somnio giveaway by the Happy Runner...Imagine if I won, I could spend my money on other great running stuff and get the shoes free! Woot Woot....I'm sending you Here, but just look, marvel and exit....Cuz I want to win!!! Haha!!!

See ya tonight!!
Happy Running,


  1. Happy Anniversary! You and I were married in the same year. Good luck with the Somnio giveaway--I think you'll love them!


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