Thrifty Thursday With A Cherry on Top!!!



No, silly, I always wear flip flops to work. Oh, accountants aren't supposed to do that??? I hopped in the car last night to go on a date with my hubby to the Jack Johnson concert ( which was awesome!! Took photos, but of course, forgot to bring the camera to work) , and I looked down to see the polish missing from several of my toes.......this is a big pet peeve of mine. Can't stand to go out somewhere and see someone with chipping toenail polish. Yuck!! As if feet aren't bad enough to look at ( just sayin!).....

Unfortunately, we were already running late, and we couldn't turn back.......DUH, DUH, DUH....... I was really embarrassed and tried to hide my toes all night....I mean, we all know that EVERYONE ( all 20,000) concert going fans were looking at my toes , not sultry, sexy, surfer singer-songwriter..... Jack Johnson, I mean really........

Anywho, so I guess you are asking what this has to do with Thrifty Thursday???
Well, I love to have my toes polished and pretty all of the time. But, obviously that is not working into my budget. This drove me to find a budget friendly way to get them done with a little less pampering (that's what my hubby's for, right??), but professionally, none the less...(cuz lets all agree that doing them yourself, just isn't the same).......

All of our local nail salons, offer the option of a nail polish change only, without the full pedicure.
The cost $7, and it usually lasts 2-3 weeks for me....I'd say, that is a bargain.!!!

You don't get as much pampering, but they do clip, file and buff....and that's enough for this girl!!! And I can get it done at lunchtime and still have time to eat lunch!! Yay! Even better!!!  Guess where I'm headed in a few hours........

Adorable Wife over at Training w/ a Track Coach and His Adorable Wife ( I know, how cute are they?? Seriously) Awarded me this week. I was one of the first blogs she followed and one of their first followers as well. She and her husband are awesome and both post to the blog, which makes it unique and interesting!! Head her way and by the way, Thanks! You are a sweetie!!


#1 Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

#2 The second thing you have to do is, pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award.

#3 The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.


#1 This one is hard because life has treated me very well over the years. I am blessed with a beautiful family, and amazing husband/partner/best friend ,  2 handsome healthy boys and wonderful girlfriends. I have been lucky to hold good jobs and my hubby and I provide for our family well and are very not much I would change. The one thing I would change,  would be to not have gone out running in Oklahoma in October 2009......that is what started my knee injury and the resulting shoulder and knee surgery that has kept me on the sidelines for over 9 months.....I always wonder...what if I'd just not run  that day and actually taken a rest on vacation....................

#2 The 6 bloggers below have really impacted me in some way over the last year of I am tagging them, and hoping that you head over to visit them and see just how wonderful they really are!

1) Morgan  the Redhead......cuz she is just awesome. Although she recently moved out of my neck of the woods, and is dealing with an injury right now, she has been really supportive in my running ya you cute little redhead!!

2) Robin at Running Circles Around The Turtles is such an inspiration. She lives close by and we have met up once, but I just love her motivational posts and her overall good vibe...........she always cheers me up when I am down!! Thanks Robin!!

3) Monica at Lick The Bowl Good. I have recently started following Monica and she has some amazing recipes and food ideas on her blog...Her pictures are awesome.....I mean awesome pictures of awesome homemade food, what more could a girl want??? Um, Monica.....anytime you want me to be a tester.....just ship the food...I'm here for ya girl!!

4) Mel at Tall Mom on The Run. You are an amazing woman!! Mel is having some personal/family struggles right now, but is always smiling and motivating those around her. She was one of the very first blogs I followed and has amazing energy and a great outlook on life!!!

5) Angie at Barefoot Angie Bee. Hello?? Doesn't the blog title say it all! She's amazing...she runs barefoot in no shoes....and she posts about how it affects the rest of her life in a positive her honest and open style of writing and living......

6) B.O.B at Discom-bob-ulated Running, seriously hilarious!!! Entertainment at its finest and you get it daily!! Check her out for a good laugh .......her dog even posts from time to time!!!

Tag......You're IT!!!

#3 Done -  I thanked The Adorable Wife above, but thanks again!!

Happy Running,


  1. Thank you so much for passing this on to me. I appreciate it so much.

    I'm looking forward to checking out those other blogs you linked to as well.

    PS. I HATE when my nails chip too and I get self conscience about it and try to cover them up all while still wearing flip-flops. It just looks trashy to me. Hope you get your polish change today!

  2. That is indeed a bargain! And no offense, but you needed it! ; )

  3. Sooo fun!! I was not feelin the High Five Vibes for tomorrow so this gives me Blog content.. Hugs and love..

  4. Hehehe I love love the toes updated today.. MUCH better love..

  5. Hooray! I love an award. Thanks so much. I'll post my answer tomorrow. Too bad we didn't know each other would be at Jack Johnson. Swoon!


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