Thrifty Thursday!!

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This weekend (8/6 – 8/8), Sam’s Club will host a Nationwide Open House at their stores. Non-members will be able to shop at Sam’s Club for free and will not be required to pay the customary 10% service fee to make a purchase.

So for all of you back to school shoppers, or for those of you who have never had the Sam's experience.....head on in this weekend!! Also, they have college student memberships for just $15. Find a store near you HERE.

Want to do an art project with the kiddos,
but you are on a tight budget???
Head on over to Home Depot!

Here are the projects for August and September!!!!

How cute is this little pencil organizer?!
Such a great little project to get the kiddos motivated to go back to school!

I know my oldest son would love the football display as he just started little league tackle football this week!!

On a workout note, I was introduced to ..........The Chair!!

Nope, I wasn't in trouble and sent to time out, just another Pilate's device to get these legs stronger! Have I told you guys that I love my PT ( oh, yes, I have....about a 1000 times) . After telling her about yesterday's post HERE, and telling her that I want a real world (can be done anywhere, anytime, without machines) workout because I don't always have access to all of these great machines, she offered to go to the running loop with me, as one of my sessions, and teach me a few things that are safe for me right now.....I will eventually be adding in all of the great ideas you guys sent my way!!! Yay!
Happy Running,

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  1. Good to read your blog and ctach up. My wife's family is from Central Florida, and every time I run down there it is such a trip for me. It is flat. And sandy. But the one thing I cant get over is how BRIGHT it is. I always think I am going to burn my retinas or something. And, when we go to the beach, the sea breeze and running in the sand are killers.

    Good luck with PT!


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