3 Important Things before Date Night!

I have 3 Important Things to Share with you today and then I'll tell you about Date Night:

1) If you haven't entered my giveaway ( of lots of cool items) go HERE. Giveaway ends Saturday Sept. 26th at noon!! (EST).

2) I have new social networking tools, hubby will be making it easier with buttons, but for now...... Under my signature, you can access my new Facebook Fan Page.. and you can go HERE to follow me on Twitter.

Now, this whole Twitter thing, I am not even sure if I should open this can of worms right now, but I really just don't get it......I have had a Twitter account for a while. Which consists of about 20 people that I follow ( and I am ashamed to admit, they are mostly stars that I like to spy on) and a few followers who are just close friends) Other than that, I have no idea how to use Twitter.....When I send out a Tweet, it goes to like 5 people and those 5 people never tweet back...what is the point??

I have no idea what all the @ and # crap means...I sooooo need to take a twitter class!!

So, follow me on Twitter....why? I have no idea really, maybe so that if I tweet, someone will actually be out there and receive it???

3) I RAN 3.24 MILES (NO WALKING)!!!!
So all you marathoners out there probably think I am crazy to be soooooo excited about this, but after shoulder and knee surgery and 10 months of no exercise...I really never thought I'd see the day!!

I am still struggling with leg soreness in a major way ( mainly IT bands on both legs) but overall, the knee feels good and I feel great!! Yay Me!!!!

DATE NIGHT........
Hubby and I had the chance to go on a date on Friday night because a great friend of ours invited BOTH of our boys to spend the night! So no babysitting $$ had to be spent! Yay!!

Hubby took me to Abuelos for Mexican food and my favorite frozen drink....Margarita/Sangria swirl!

Then he said he was taking me to paint pottery! He knows I love to be creative and that I would enjoy it..I was a bit worried about him....... Here is how the painting went................ (excuse the photos..they were taken with iPhones.....)

We both picked coffee mugs....Mine for my morning coffee, his to hold pencils on his desk ( he is not a coffee drinker)...This is me getting started ( terrible pic, BTW)

This would be hubby's mug...about 5 minutes after we started .....Ummmm he's done??
What is that?? It is the colors of the company he works for...other than that...I'm not sure.....

And I continue to work..Im a bit OCD sometimes,
so I started to worry what the heck he is gonna do while I paint for another 2 hours................

He heads over to the bookstore and says he will be right back.......
 25 minutes later, he comes back and this is what I see.....

Hubby found a book and said to take my time......

Here it is...took me like 2 hours and it will look much different ( I hope) when it is fired....
I'll show you guys the finished product when I get it back in 5-7 days!!!

We really had a nice time, spending quality time together is much needed on a regular basis...we are soooo busy all of the time with our 2 boys, 2 dogs, athletics, running , etc.....We always make sure to plan dates and even weekends away together!!

Love my hubby more than words can say!!!
Happy Running,


  1. That is such a great date night! I would love to do that. Did you make your necklace? So cute!

  2. After having been sidelined myself, I don't discredit your 3.24 miles at all! That is huge and I'm SO friggin excited for you!!!! Congrats girl!

    Also, date night looked like so much fun. Your hubs is adorable.

  3. I have about 35,000 followers on twitter http://twitter.com/AndrewOpala and I don't get it either!

  4. I so get it! I was totally pumped about my 3.1 miles no walking victory! So way to go you!

  5. Awesome 3+ miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Way to go with the running! The road back can be hard, so be proud! Here is a blog post from a blog I read that explains Twitter - http://www.adventuroo.com/2010/08/making-sense-of-twitter-its-the-never-ending-cocktail-party/. I didn't get it for a while either. Think of it this way - Facebook is for the people you already know. Twitter is for the people you want to get to know. Can't remember where I heard that, but it is a great way to look at it.

  7. Number 1: I TOTALLY get the excitement of a 5K...I am a new momma, 4 months post baby trying to get back into it and my first 1K was a success! So you go girl on that!

    Number 2: Since starting my own blog, I have also wondered about Twitter...like you, I don't get it. So I follow you via your button, haha! Happy running!


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