Favorite Things Friday.......

I am wrapping up this week of giveaway hints with some of my favorite things. I may end up throwing in a few of these things to my giveaway.....which will be posted tomorrow.......sooooo exciting!!

I think some of you are starting to see that although this is somewhat of a running blog, there's really more to it than that, and I am okay with that.

When I first started this blog, it was about strictly running......I was a new runner and every run was a new distance, a new PR and it was all exciting and I felt I had tons to blog about......
then injury happened, and surgery and rehab and no exercise for 8-9 months and I thought I just shouldn't blog because I had no running to blog about.

Then after some soul searching, I realized, I am soooooo much more than a runner. I am a wife ( and a really good one at that ) , a mother ( devoted and loving), I am a friend ( and I love my friends like crazy!), I am a coach ( I motivate others to run and exercise, encourage my children to be active) I am crafty ( I love, love, love to make things......jewelry, party invitations/decorations, crafts......), I love to cook ( and I think every family should sit and eat together, at least a few times a week), I love to shop ( but most of all to find the best bargain, using coupons and specials and tons of internet research....)
There are so many things that my readers may not know about me, that I have yet to share. Just like I follow runners blogs, I also follow crafting blogs, food blogs, mommy blogs, coupon blogs........

So today,  I want to show you some other aspects of me, by showing you images of things I love, things that inspire me, things that make me smile...........running related or not, this is who I am and what makes me me.......

Started with this one because this is my life.....my heart and my soul......my family.
(This picture is several years old but I just love it!)

I love, love, love to wear long dresses, big earring and sandals........I'm a bit girly sometimes....BUT NOT HIGH MAINTENANCE....there is a difference!!

Seriously.......Crack in a bag.........
These are new and I cannot stop myself from buying them or eating them...
I have always love BBQ chips, but this is different.....
And they say All Natural.....so they are good for me, Right???

This is Tyrone Wells, my favorite Singer/Songwriter ever!!
If you haven't heard him.....Take a listen...such feel good music!!
or just buy tickets for Tyrone’s Songs & Stories Tour.....Here
Based out of CA, but touring the US right now!!!

Best coffee maker ever. Have one at home and at work.
A cup of coffee from this machine ( along with a ton of sugar and cream....don't judge)
makes me smile every morning....it's that good!!!

I  LOVE Flowers.....They make me smile. Now, again, I am not high maintenance, so the flowers can be outside on the neighbors bush, I just love them........I treat myself to grocery store flowers every so often and I love to do my own arrangements.......

I could eat pasta for every meal......really I could!! Any great ( healthy, or not) pasta recipes.....send them my way...I love to cook remember!!!

So that is it.............A few of my favorite things......................did you learn anything???

Big Giveaway post tomorrow.........Date Night tonight with hubby........A little running this weekend........

What are a few of your favorite things?????
Happy Running,


  1. Thats an awesome family pic!

    I'm the same way with pasta..or bread. :) My two favorite things.

  2. That family pic is great!!! I love it!!!

    I have one of those coffee makers at home as well, love it!!!

    Tried on a long dress (I don't own dresses) a month ago, and fell in love!!!

    Pasta....mmmmmmmmm pastaaaaaaa. :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorite things. Now that I live in Florida I need to figure out how to wear the long dresses. They looks gorgeous!

    Had a bad run this morning. The kind where I actually stop to walk which always ticks me off. But tomorrow is another day.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. I love that family pic!

    Right now I am in love with Nutella, long family bike rides (though the boys sleep through most of it), new running gear, and decorating. I love to decorate my home; to it's original state, for Halloween, CHRISTMAS!

  5. love your family pic!! A few of my favorite things: 1)family 2)sports & running 3)being outside 4)knitting/crocheting 5)reading
    just to name a few ;)

  6. Gorgeous family!
    I love a good hunk of crusty warm bread with butter.
    I've been eyeing those chips in the store--need to stay away I think!

  7. Good stuff in this post! A few of my favorite things: My family (although they all live in the Midwest and I live in Florida), knitting/crocheting, coffee, reading books, thought provoking conversations, meeting small running goals (didn't think I'd ever say that), and time with friends.
    Wow, it's nice to write those things out. Makes a person feel good. =) Have a good date tonight!


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