The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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The Good:
  • I'm getting on a plane to Atlanta tomorrow for a girls weekend with a great friend (God bless my wonderful hubby who allows me to do these things)
  • I may get to finish the 2 books I am reading right now ( I never do that - it just happened!!)
  • Thing 1's football team is 7-0  ( Go Titans!) and his soccer team is 1-0!! Life is busy but sooo much better when you are winning ( of course, I don't tell my children this!!)
  • I PASSED THE FIRST PART OF MY ENROLLED AGENT EXAM! That is why I haven't blogged in a few days.....studying, exam taking, mild anxiety attack during exam and when waiting for the dumb computer to tell me if I passed, complete relief upon passing, realization that I was exhausted from studying.........
  • Dad turned 60 this week. Got to spend tons of time with the family AND with my little her!!

My Dad and Thing 1 - Love This picture!
Thing 1 is 10 and it is rare that he smiles like this, he usually has an attitude :0)!!
He LOVES football!!!

Seriously, What is not to love about her?? My niece is just so stinkin cute I want to kiss her face off!!
I get to go babysit for a long weekend, in just a couple of weeks! yay!

The Bad:
  • Have 2 more parts of the EA exam to take and I am trying to complete them before mid January when tax season ramps up. So after Atlanta this weekend, it's back to studying!
  • I have not run this week, at all. Not because I couldn't physically, but because life got in the way. My friend in Atlanta used to run cross country in college and has recently started running again, hoping to get in at least 2 runs while I am there!!
  • I'm so tired....all of the time. I really think it has to be these stupid blood thinners I am on. Anyone else out there on Warfarin and tired all of the time???? UGGGHHHH...... Another 1 1/2 months and I can be rid of this stuff!!
  • Supposed to go with hubby, sans kids, to visit my best friend from high school, who lives a few hours away, in a few weeks. I haven't seen her in months, although we talk every couple of's been cancelled, with no reschedule in sight....I completely understand, but I'm bummed......I miss her!!
The Ugly:

Not sure why I can't get this dumb picture rotated...either way, that is my elbow with a big itchy rash on it.
Dermatologist's a rash, it's genetic in origin, it will come and's some cream......lovely.
Thought it might be psoriasis, but it's only on one elbow and no where else......I also, have never had any sensitive skin issues, so this is very random (and annoying)!

Headed to see the comedian Bryan Regan tonight and then hopping on a flight to Atlanta in the early AM -

Anyone in Atlanta who wants to run Sat or Sun morning, 3-4 miles.....I'll be in the Buckhead area......Also, any great dinner suggestions???

Talk at ya later - or when I get back!!!

Have a super running weekend - Maybe I'll get to 3.75 miles......or 4.0 ??? Who knows???
Happy Running,

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  1. Have a great trip!! Love the pic of your son. Very sweet.


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