Green is the New Black

Really, it is. Our family has been doing our part to go green this year.

We have:

  • Recycled to the tune of 2-3 large buckets every week
  • Created a lunchbox system using few to no baggies, if you didn't read that post, you can, HERE
  • Stopped buying water bottles unless we are out somewhere and it's our only choice. I use a filtered water pitcher at work with a Tervis Tumbler!
  • Made a huge effort to turn off lights, TV's etc. We also ultilize our programmable thermostat for our A/C unit.
We are not over the top or crazy about it, but we have definately been making an effort!!

Are You Making An Effort To Go Green??

The one thing that I have started doing is keeping a reusable bag in my purse so that I never ( or almost never) come home with plastic......or paper,  for that matter.

I have them in every style and shape from every local store/grocer, but I can't seem to have enough. I keep one in my purse, several in each car, in the house.....everywhere.

I have very few that I feel are super sturdy so imagine my surprise, when I was once again perusing Etsy ( don't hate....I love Etsy and cant seem to get enough!!), and this caught my eye................ I came across a store called FashionableNotes

This bag is XXL and perfect for a farmers market trip !! Nice and roomy and extra sturdy canvas! Washable too!!

Then I looked more and here is what I found.......

Seriously love this one!!

Sooooo Cute!

Even the men have no excuse not to go green!!
This picture gives you an idea of the size of these bags they are amazing!!

This jute bag is one of my favorites!!!

So I contacted Aubrey of FashionableNotes Etsy store and she offered to send me a free bag to review....this is the one I chose:

How cute is that??

Of course, to fully review the bag, I HAD to go shopping! Even took a day off of work and spent some quality time with my mom. Let me tell you, this bag is so amazing. The quality is top notch, it is sturdy and well made.
It is also VERY roomy.....This is called a LARGE, so I cant imagine how big the XXL Market bag is. The canvas material is very thick and it held up perfectly for my entire 8 hour shopping extravaganza! I even bought heavier items like a ceramic chip and dip and some new bedding ( Yay!) and the bag was perfect!!

I mean who doesn't love a reusable, washable, everyday use bag that has form and function but is also fashionable and has flair?!?

So, head on over to FashionableNotes Etsy Store, and pick out a bag to fit your needs and your style. I know all of the foodie bloggers out there will love these bags for their farmer's market trips!!

Buy a bag and use it as the "wrapping paper" for a Christmas gift......

Make a gift for a wedding shower with a theme of going green and put everything in this bag....

So many ways these bags can be used........

If you make a purchase at FashionableNotes, leave me a comment and you will get extra entries into my BIG giveaway at the end of the week......I have a feeling that one of these bags might just be big enough to hold a lot of giveaway items.....hint,hint.........

BTW, I think I must say "Yay!" a lot. Many of my readers say "Yay" when they comment on my must be catchy. I mean, are 35 year old's too old to say  "yay"?? Oh well, what do I care, in my world there are no rules, I do what I want,   dammit...................

Oh, and since this is a running blog....with a ton of Mama and way too much Busy going on......I'm still doing loloBurn, which is getting to 2.5 - 3 miles , 4 mornings a week and I am burning 250-300 calories.....

I haven't been doing Yoga, although I know I need to, and I have been running, sans loloBurn, at least one time on the weekend.

Between Little League Football with Thing 1 ( he made his very first touchdown last night!!), studying for my EA exam, and working full time, that is all I have time for. And BTW, my IT bands are KILLING me....time to order a foam roaller! Any suggestions on a certain brand???

Happy Running,


  1. i love doing things that are green, it makes me feel responsible and like I"m actually making a difference!

  2. Yay for Green!

    I read your lunchbag post, what a great system.

    I try to go green as well - public transit, re-useable shopping bags, heavy recycling, lights off when not in the room, only running the dishwasher when it's full, etc. The small things add up!

  3. I've been trying to get progressively more green. Recently I purchased reusable produce bags to use with my cloth grocery bags at the market. We've also been eating more vegis/non-packaged foods to reduce trash. My two goals for September are to stop using plastic at retail shops (thanks for the extra motivation with this post! It's like you read my mind!) and to set up a recycling system here for our paper/plastic/etc.

  4. Hooray! I'm so excited to win the itunes $$$ and will be making updates to my playlist ASAP. Thank you so much!!!

    We are trying to be greener as well. We're lucky to have a green town with mandatory recycling so we have a HUGE blue garbage can just for recycling that gets picked up bi-weekly. It gets a lot fuller than my garbage can and makes me happy to be doing my part...even if it's enforced. ;) I'm horrible at using plastic bags since I usually have a ton of groceries to bring home but if I buy one reusable bag per month soon I'll have enough to bring home the store in. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Those bags are cute! I have A LOT of reusable bags! lol... I hope your IT band starts feeling better soon!

  6. I own both the jute "Market Bag" and canvas "Paper nor Plastic" and absolutely love them. They are super sturdy, hold anything - even a small dog, and it's great for traveling, too!

  7. I say Yay a lot too! My friend and I always make fun of ourselves, since we say it so often. So, I think it's okay to keep saying it, but I may be biased.
    I love reusable bags. I think I have a sickness, so I must check those out. =)
    Also, thanks for becoming my first follower. YAY! It makes me happy.


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