Milestones.......When you think of milestones, do you think of your children? Their first word, their first tooth, their first step???
If you don't have children, do you think of your life?....graduating high school or college, your first real job, getting engaged??

These can all be the milestones of our lives. Memories. Memories that make us cry or smile or that bring up  strong feelings from the past.

In running, we have memories of races past. We have milestones. Our first mile, our first 5K and for some, our first Marathon! We have photos and race memorabilia that remind of us all of our accomplishments in running. But what do we do with all of the stuff, with the swag?? Some of you have medal holders and accomplishment boards, but why not incorporate these things in your everyday life. Running is part of your soul, part of who you are.

While perusing Etsy the other day ( by the way I love, love, love Etsy) , I came across 26MileStones, and I, what a great idea!!

Here is what Allison of 26MileStones has to say.......

Just finished your first 5k? Maybe you've been collecting race # bibs for years, and don't know what to do with them? Perhaps you're looking for a personalized special gift for the runner in your life?

Facebook fans get special promotions and sneak peeks.

What's Your Next Mile Stone?

Don't you think this is so clever and creative? These are porcelain coasters ( a set of 4) that essentially are your favorite race bib!! Allison can use the actual bib or make a color copy so you can save the original. What a conversation starter when guests come over and a daily reminder of your greatest accomplishments!

As soon as I get a race bib, I will be ordering for sure.

She also makes these awesome running magnets!!

So, my 100th Follower Nej has a choice of a set of coasters and 2 sets of magnets   OR  a small Scentsy warmer with 2 set of scents! Pretty awesome.....
And you just might see these again  at the end of the week in my giveaway basket!!!
Please head over to 26MileStones and take a look around!
If you end up ordering, let me know and I'll give you an extra entry in my giveaway for each item you purchase!!
  What is your biggest milestone? In running or in life?
Happy Running,


  1. Hmmm I ran 4 miles recently for the first time of my life. I also lost the baby weight from my 2nd child which is something I wasn't sure would ever happen. I am a fellow Etsy addict and will totally buy one of the those for my wall if I do the Disney 1/2 like I would like. :)

  2. Very cool!
    My biggest milestones would have to be the birth of my kids.
    In running it's definitely that first mighty BQ.

  3. What a great idea, i love it!
    So far my biggest milestone in running has been running my first 10k.

  4. I love the second photo. My favorite for sure.

    Milestone . . . family

  5. My biggest milestone in life is that I just graduated college this summer! :D tres exciting for me! :) Those coasters are awesome :)

  6. Holy crap!! I win a prize for being the follower of an awesome blog?? How completely cool is that??

    It's a pleasure being your 100th! :-)

    I wish you all the best (and 100 more, of course!!!).

    Those coasters are the greatest thing! What a clever idea...I love them!!!!!!

    So...let's biggest milestone.....that's a hard one. As corny as it sounds, I'd have to say losing all this weight. I feel great!

    But....I'm also aiming for a big milestone as we first half marathon in October! I'll probably be one of those crazy people who are crying in their finish line photo. :-) :-)


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