Thrifty Thursday and Swagbucks!

Hello All.

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Thrifty Thursday is all about saving you money and helping you get free things in this lovely economy we are living in.

Today's post is about Swagbucks.

If you grab the widget above, I will get a referral and you will be welcomed to the world of Swagbucks. Or click on any one of the Swagbuck links in this post, and I will still get credit if you don't want the widget.

The way it works,  is that you can use the Swagbucks sight to search the internet ( just like google, yahoo, etc), I have actually made it my home page. By doing your searches from this site,  you can win Swagbucks ( points) for your searches. Then you can spend your Swagbucks on giftcards and merchandise.

So, you get "paid" to easy is that?? On Fridays, you can win more points than usual from searching! And tomorrow is Friday, so get signed up today, so you can win extra points tomorrow!!

You can also get Swagbucks by taking surveys, shopping through their site ( like Ebates), and even by trading in old cell phones!

So click on  one of the links or grab the widget above and start earning!!!!

It's fun!!! I've already won $20 in giftcards for Amazon and I've only been doing it for a couple of months. And, because I work full time, I'm really not on the net that often......So for someone who uses the internet for work or spends a lot of time searching the get could get tons of points. Once you sign up, the more people you refer....the more points you get,  because you win points when your referrals win points!!

So go HERE and sign up today!!!!

On a running note.........................

I ran 3.0 miles last night at 11:13 avg pace - Had negative splits.....check it out:

My dad turns 60 next week and mom's throwing a big party for him tomorrow night, Thing 1 has his first soccer game for the season on Saturday and I take the 1st test of 3 tests for my Enrolled Agent designantion on Monday I will be studying this weekend between events!!

Winner announced Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning so eneter my GIVEAWAY if you haven't already!
Happy Running,


  1. Thanks for the info on SwagB's awesome!!

  2. What iphone App is that? Do you like it? Maybe it is Nike+ and I just don't recognize it...

  3. Hi Tobi,

    What's that iPhone app called?

    I think the swagbucks link is temporarily down.

  4. Thanks for the info, I'm signed up now, and cograts on your run!


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