CSA - Found it, Love it!!

For those of you who are new or might miss a post here and there ( the nerve!), I posted about CSA's ( Community Shared Agriculture) and my quest to find one near me and buy a 1/2 share....... You can read that post HERE.....

Well, I found a CSA, and get this, Farmer John and his farm are literally 7 miles from my house....can you believe it??? Right on my way home.

So I signed up, and this was my very first basket.............

Now, this is just a 1/2 share, and it was PLENTY of veggies.....My family, who claimed ( before purchasing a 1/2 share of a farm) that they are veggie eaters, have turned out to be not so truthful and I am eating the majority of the veggies.....But they hog the tomatoes!!!

We have picked up 2 baskets so far and I love, love, love that the basket is filled with "normal" veggies, one's I would normally buy anyways....I am becoming more adventurous with eating and cooking, but there are still plenty of veggies that I don't like/love!!!!

This basket contained:

1 huge head of Romaine
6-8 Roma tomatoes
7 yellow summer squash
3 zucchini
3 bunches of scallions
8-10 radishes
3 cucumbers
3 sweet banana peppers
2 sunburst tangerines ( tart for marinades)
a bag of okra ( WE ARE NOT AN OKRA EATING FAMILY - we decided)

Pretty good for 1 weeks 1/2 share, I think....

If anyone has any great recipes that include these veggies.....please send them my way or at least give me a link!! I love to bake......so breads, cakes etc would be great too.... I know that they are veggies, but crazier things have happened.........

On a running note.......

I had the joy of meeting up with my friend  Robin from Running Circles Around the Turtles....for a 3 miler and more importantly.....chatting and breakfast afterwards..... I think we decided to sign up for the Founders Day 10K in Celebration, FL on November 14th.....Why? Because I have never run a 10K AND because this is the 10K where I first met Robin and Morgan ( The Redhead) last year. Unfortunately, I didn't run last year because I had just injured my knee......BUT I was a great cheerleader....remember this post??? So we thought it would be neat to run this one together.......

This picture is of myself and Robin at our last bloggy meet up because I forgot my camera this time....but I showed you because I wanted you to see the before of my hair......I got it chopped....Oh the suspense......You will have to wait for my next post for the after pictures.....hopefully that won't be 2 weeks from now.....like my last post......this blog isn't called "busy" running mama for nothin!! This girl is crazy busy with things like........

Cheering on Thing 1's Soccer Team...Taking him to practice, etc...

Cheering on Thing 1's football team ( They went undefeated in the regular season and are playing their 2nd playoff game next week)!! Yay! Also all of the practices for that too....

So, between baking and cooking all of my vegetables so that nothing goes to waste, soccer and football practices and games, homework/schoolwork monitoring for Thing 1 and 2, working full time, and everything else life is throwing at me.....I've been too busy to blog daily......

I read your blogs daily though and try to comment here and there.......

Hope everyone is well.....................

Haircut post coming.......also, my trip to babysit my niece and a little look at more of my craftiness and my love for photography ( who knew??).
Till Then.........
Happy Running,


  1. This post rocks.

    Those veggies look amazing.

    Love the photo of you and Robin!!

  2. I love my CSA too, especially the variety you get from one season to the next. I am loving lots of squashes right now from mine.

    Have a great time with Robin at the race!

  3. ahh a CSA was soooooo nice and the food sooo fresh...mine was just sooo a pain

  4. I've been curious about CSA's but scared it'll all go rotten. Thanks for the post about it!

  5. Had so much fun! :-) AND... I can personally attest to an AWESOME haircut. You look adorable!



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