I'm Back......................

Yep, I'm back from Atlanta ( didn't take my camera and my friend still has to send the one's she took - shame on me - bad blogger), I really need a small purse sized camera ...any suggestions??

Yep, I'm back from not blogging for over a week - life just got in the way and we were crazy busy this week!

But, do you know what I am most excited about being back from????

I am back from my surgery slump!!! Guess what I did????

VIRTUAL 10-10-10 10K!!

Here I am wearing my bib!!
Knee brace, check. Iphone, check. Cute running skirt, check.
Perfect weather,check! I think I'm ready to go!!!

Here's my bib up close ......
It definately has a 10-10-10 theme, along with tons of motivational running words!!!!

So, my last longest run was 3.5 Miles, so I know you are all wondering how I did 6.2.
I set out with a secret goal of running 4.0 miles and walking the remainder, but I would have been happy with 3.6 miles, cuz that is longer than my longest run since knee surgery.  I initially was goping to do 2-5K's but I really wanted to challenge myself.

I set out and as you can see, I had negative splits for the first 3 miles and I made it to 3.1 and felt really good, so I kept going.....made it to 4.0 and still no stops to walk and felt good.....Got to 4.5 miles and was having some hip pain. I knew I would probably have hip trouble, because my hips had been totally uneven all week and I am still trying to get them back in balance......

I stopped at 4.5 to walk and I walked .25 miles (I was walking fast though, like a 12:30 min/mile).....paused my time only to stretch out my hips and legs, and then felt like I could run again. I ran another .50 miles and stopped again to walk for another .25. Stretched my hips and legs one last time and then  I finished the last .70 with a strong run.

So I actually ran all but .50 miles!! I am very proud of me!!!!!

Notice my 10:00 min average pace. Weird since it was a 10K and it's 10-10-10

Awesome negative splits for the first 4 miles!!!

No more negative splits, but not too bad since I walked .50 miles during these last 1.7 miles!!

This was my finish line!! This trail is awesome. It is out an back and  it's full of shade and trees.
I am a bit on the sweaty side here!!!

Have to admit I am quite sore today , but I still feel really good about what I did yesterday! It make me feel like I am offically on my way back!!!
Happy Running,


  1. Great job!! That sounds like a lot of fun. I want to do a virtual race some time. Let me know next time you do one :)

  2. YAY!!! Was thinking about you and wondering what you were up to. Awesome run! Now you won't want to run with the turtle runner, though (slowly!). Boo! Good for you, friend. I'm soooo excited for you! :-) :-)

    *HUGS* from Orlando!

  3. Awesome run!! I also like your bib. What a cute idea =)

  4. wOO hoo -- great job!!! You are a rock star lady. Love all your awesome gear -- you look so cute. And the bib is adorble. thanks for participating and thanks for following my journey!!

  5. Awesome and go you! That's a great run and I'm so glad to hear you've recovered so well.


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