10 K PR and some major FAILS!!!

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned, It has been exactly 12 whole days since my last post......uggghhhh sorry...I have had about 10 days of epic fails that ended with 2 days of goodness!!


  • Show up for Thing 1 to Run the Red Ribbon Run at 6:45 AM. It is dark and 46 degrees and we sit in metal stands, freezing.....Doesn't start till 8:00......5th grade boys don't run till 11:30....Thing 1 has to be at his Football Super Bowl at 12:00....something in this math problem is not adding up....head back home after 2 hours of freezing and getting up at 6:00AM and no running has been done.....lovely...fail!
  • Head over to said Super Bowl. We are the best team in the league and undefeated to the tune of 12-0 at this point. We have homemade signs, noise makers, etc......Our team played horribly...almost like watching a completely different team...no pep in the step, no will or want, no drive....so frustrating....we lost, needless to say. We are extremely proud of the team , they had a great season and were so close......they all made it to the All Stars, so one more week of football this week and then it's over! Fail!
  • Scheduled some pictures to be taken of Thing 1 in his football uniform for last Sunday.....Thing 1 wakes up with the worst case of chapped lips EVER, lip are cracking and bleeding and red and puffy......pictures canceled.....Fail!
  • Monday, I pick up my CSA veggies and I have more green stuff than I can deal with. I am the main veggie eater in the house and I am on Blood Thinners still.....I have to watch my dark green veggie intake......I need freezable recipes for all things green.....QUICK!!!!FAIL!
  • I volunteer to take Thing 2 to reconciliation/1st Communion class Wednesday because I have some studying of my own to do. Normally on Wednesdays, the parents sit in the vestibule and chat or do whatever, while the kids are in class. OF COURSE, NOT WHEN I GO.......I instead, got to sit and listen to Sister Angelica for over an hour, tell me how important it is to let my boys know that going into Priesthood or becoming a Monk is a viable option for their lives....UM, okay, don't judge, or do, whatever, but I want daughter -in -laws, and grand babies, etc. I know that is selfish, and I truly appreciate all the Priests who give up all of that to devote their lives to the Church, but I am thinking I won't encourage that for my children unless they are dead set on it.....ugghhhh...okay go ahead an judge...I can handle it.....studying=fail!
  • It has been sunny and in the low 70"s here in Central FL and I had decided last week, that using my lunch hour to run, would be a great idea....It was, except I was having major hip/knee issues and felt like I was carrying around two bricks ( my feet ) while running. Did not run more than 2 miles at a time, all week! I had a 10K to run on Sunday and I became VERY discouraged.......FAIL!

So, after all of that................I was bummed and down in the dumps and doubting my ability to run 6.2 miles in the Sunday 10K!!!!

What happened you ask?????
  • I bought a foam roller when I went to get my race packet on Saturday ....and I rolled, and rolled ( it hurt a lot). Thing 1 asked why I did it, if it hurt.....It's a good hurt.....He did not understand that...Haha!
  • I got up early on Sunday , still not knowing if knee/hip would cooperate, and I went to the 10K....
  • I met up with my favorite Turtle Runner Robin.......
  • I guess I should say that any time or pace would have been a PR, because it was my first official 10K!! Yay Me!
Chip Time: 1:03:21
Pace: 10:11.7
Overall Place 674/1093
Gender Place 293/612
Age div Place: 59

Not too shabby!!! Race photos here ( I'm pretty proud of my form at the end) HERE

Here we are: My Neighbor Shannon, My friend Michelle, Robin, and Me!!

We also went to a Murder Mystery Party and had tons of fun...pictures in another post ( promise!)

Happy Running,


  1. Congrats on your 10k PR!!!

    I've started foam rolling lately too and was shocked at how much it hurt! It is definitely a "good" hurt though.

  2. Way to prevail in the face of all the 'fails'! Congrats on the PR.

  3. Great job!!!! So happy for you. :)

  4. CONGRATS on the PR!! That's awesome!! :)

  5. Way to go out there Tobi!!! That is a great comeback! I soooooooooooo wish I could've been there to cheer you on!!!

  6. Yay for the PR and running it all! sorry bout all the fails, life just gets ya sometimes, I know!

  7. Yay, Tobi! I'm so glad we got to do this race together this year. Well, 'together' is relative, I guess. You ROCKED your race and earned your PR. :-) Eventually, I crossed the finish line, too (recap to follow).

    Was great to see you and met your neighbors!


  8. Awesome race report!! From one busy mom to another!

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