Sleek and Sophisticated or Wavy and Wild???

Sorry to make you wait,   but here is my new hair cut.

I really like that I can wear it wavy or straight and it is really easy to do..
I hate all of these pictures and they have me feeling a bit self conscious because I cant seem to get a picture that I like with this hair do.....I feel like my face looks longer than usual ( it's really long anyways) and my neck looks like a scrawny chicken neck.....and I look dead tired and pale....okay, I'll stop - aren't we just so critical of ourselves sometimes/???

Here was the before:

And Here I am after:

 I ran on Saturday morning. Did 5 miles without stopping!!! Average pace: 9:51....Not too shabby.....Trying to get to 6.2 without stopping so I can run my very first 10K on the 14th of November!

Happy Running,


  1. okay - I L O V E the new "do". awesome. simply fabulous!

  2. I started following your blog a while ago (love reading about how other moms manage to fit running into their schedules!) and I guess I should finally get around to leaving a comment :)

    What a fantastic hairstyle... it looks great on you!

    Congrats on the 5 miles too :)

  3. Absolutely LOVE the new do! So chic!!!

    So this 10k you're training for... it wouldn't be the Founders Day 10k is it?!?!? :)

  4. I love it! It looks absolutely fabulous on you! :) And I love that you can go both ways with it! Sophisticated for work and Sassy for the weekends! :) So cute! :)

  5. It looks fantastic! You have great hair (which I envy). Get that 10k!

  6. I just came across your blog but had to comment to say I love the hair cut! And good job on 5 miles without stopping. That's actually a goal I have to work up to after I have my baby. :)

    Tina ( I have to comment using my wordpress account but my site is different.

  7. LOVE it! Super cute! It's making me want to cut my hair too. I've had long LONG hair almost my entire life. After my wedding in the spring, I'm thinking about cutting it your length and donating to locks of love!

  8. It looks awesome! I really totally love it :) What 10k are you doing? I saw a 10k Turkey Trot in St. Pete that I am interested in but I need to figure out the stroller situation since some races don't allow them. Great job on the run too!

  9. So flattering! What a cute style! You can wear it both ways! Lucky you!


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