Turtles And Snakes And Spiders, Oh my!!

Just a few pictures to show the completely fearless attitude of my little one. Thing 2 loves nature!!

I have really been working on my patience with the boys ( patience is not my strongest trait :) ) and I have also been trying to surprise them with neat little outings ( thoughtfully planned by me) that are of little to no cost, but that bring our family together for a little fun during the weekend. It feels like our weeks are so consumed with schedules, ( football, soccer, Reconciliation/Communion classes, homework, full time jobs, etc, etc,etc.) that I like to be able to spend quality time together, if even for a few moments, as a family.

Last weekend, I took the boys to Circle B Reserve ( I posted about our trail walk a few months ago HERE). This reserve is really cool and has a ton of trails and wildlife to enjoy year round. This past weekend, in lieu of a fall fest or art show, Circle B had a Naturefest......There were over 70 vendors spread out along the trail. The vendors included different groups promoting recycling, conservation, etc. And there were of ton of animals to see................

We had a great time, got in some trail walking and enjoyed our family time together.....I'm finally starting to realize ( it has only taken 10 years) that I need to cherish every moment I can with my beautiful children and be less worried about whether the laundry gets done or the house is clean.........

Thing 1 - a little more timid with all things "scary"  - petting a very nice horse.

Thing 1 - not so timid - Yes, that is a tarantula...EWWWW

This is a very cool turtle from Africa. It is 11 years old and will live to be 80.
It was actually pretty fast for a turtle!!

Ball Python.....Again notice Thing 2 smiling at the cool factor of holding it and Thing 1 smiling because he doesn't have to...lol.....gotta love it!

On a very exciting note: I signed up for the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Founders' Day 10k !!
My first ever 10K and it's in 2 weeks - I think I am crazy because I still haven't even run 6.2 miles without stopping, since coming back from knee/shoulder surgery....my goal, to finish without walking.....don't care about the time, although there is a very secret time goal in my head......it's my competitive nature....don't judge......but any time will be a PR!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Your "Things" are adorable!!!

    You don't need to worry about not having run the whole distance yet! You are still returning and recovering! Take it easy. Race day adrenaline will drive you to the Finish line I assure you! Beware the unexpected bunny hills leading into Celebration as you leave the hospital campus!!!

  2. Yay for family outings AND PATIENCE. :-)

    I just registered for the 10K, too... all set. I bet that turtle in the pics is much faster than me. LOL

    Now, if you could lighten up on yourself *just*a*little* about running... it'll be a fun morning!!


  3. I love the "things" .... Minus the spiders.

    The turtle is my favorite. It's huge!!!

    Your kids are adorable.


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