Its Been Awhile..... A Long Time

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This Busyrunningmama has been busy. Not even sure where we left off, but I do know that I had ankle surgery a year ago and have had a long road of rehab, but I'm running again! And still a super busy mom. Thing 1 is almost 15 and playing basketball
and Thing 2 is 12 and is becoming quite the golfer.
Driving them to and from school, sports, and friends houses has become a full time job, oh wait, I have one of those still, so needless to say, life is pure craziness!!! 
I still love to cook, repurpose vintage finds, do all things crafty, and be the best mom, wife, friend, daughter, and sister I can be. I'm going to try to get back to blogging about all of it and see where it goes!
I just finished a super cool redo of some cheap coffee tables I scored at Goodwill for $10!! Post to follow!!! Sneak peek....


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