Blowing Rock, NC : Part 1- trails, ropes courses and biking adventures!

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         As I lay here at the beach, in the last few days of our last vacation before school starts, I can't help but think of North Carolina. What? I know, but even though I was born and raised in Florida, I'm a mountain girl at heart... And since I haven't even posted about our NC trip a month ago, I figured I should get to that, so I can blog about our beach trip, soon,  ha!!!

        Blowing Rock, NC is our absolute favorite place to vacation as a family. The view from this back porch should tell you why. The air smells fresher, the weather is amazing in the summer and the beauty of  nature that surrounds you is like no other.

         We make this trip every year and surround ourselves with family and traditions and making new memories. Last year I was on crutches from ankle surgery, so this year I wanted to make sure we included plenty of activity! 

Come along and follow our adventures, in pictures...........

BASS LAKE: Moses Cone Park

This lake, and the gravel trail around it, is .8 miles of sun and shade with trails that lead up the mountain from it. We use this as our go to area to get in a nice easy run or walk. It is basically flat and has a good balance of sun and shade. It does get busy with other walkers, joggers and dogs, but just being out in the fresh air helps me start my day on the right note! 



       If this picture doesn't make you want to at least start this trail hike, you are crazy! This was a moderate trail hike of about 2.3 miles. There were a few muddy areas, but I think this was our favorite of the trails we hit the week we were there, we did it twice!! It was a workout and there were definitely steep spots, but I loved it. I'll give it to you in photos: 


This one was great for the kids, not too hard, but also not quite as scenic as Green Knob. About 2.1 miles. This one was a bit flat and basically just followed the edge of Price Lake. 


This trail was 5.1 miles and took close to 3 hours. Just the sheer length of it was a workout, and it had some steep climbs, slippery/muddy areas and some creeks that required balance to hop from rock to rock to get across. I loved every minute of it! 

         After tons of hikes we mixed it up and went to High Gravity Adventures ( for a ropes course. It was hard work and tons of fun. They had a kids course and an adult course with three levels of difficulty. Couldn't climb with a camera so only one picture! If you are afraid of heights, definitely not the place for you, but it was a great arm/core workout, I was sore the next day!


17 mile bike ride, downhill, with amazing views. This is the 3rd or 4th time we've done this ride and it never dissapoints... 

       Hope you enjoyed our North Carolina adventures and it inspires you to be active, even when your on vacation. There are so many amazing adventures to find wherever you are. And there is always something suitable for every age and fitness level. It doesn't have to be expensive, just keep an open mind, do a little research before heading off to your vacation spot, and enjoy!! 

Part 2: Family, Food and Fun.... Coming soon. 


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